Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Vote for George Allen is a Vote to Rubber Stamp Dereliction of Duty and Fraud Against the American People

Republicans love to falsely claim that Democrats are one-issue voters. If Dems were, waging needless, illegal wars of aggression, based on fabricated evidence would be reason enough for Dems -- or anyone -- to reject a candidate. But GOP attempts to trivialize the opposition masks a starker truth. As I'll illustrate in a moment, there isn't one, but rather dozens of reasons for throwing the rascals and warmongers out before they unleash more destruction and disintegration of American progress at home and abroad.

ElaineinRoanoke (on has ably cited reasons why one shouldn't vote for Allen. Let me expand the list by extending reasons for souting from office the long (and incomplete) list of GWB's disastrous policies, which George Felix Allen, Jr., rubber-stamped 97% of the time:

--Abuse of power by dispatching administration figures (e.g., Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld) and prompting the media to claim that opposing Bush's policies is unpatriotic and caters to terrorists. Read here here: here and here

--Making us less safe because of his and his administration's belligerence (Remember "Bring it on"? Terrorist attacks are up worldwide since Bush has come to office, according to Michale Scheuer, former head of the CIA Bin Laden task force.

--Failing to implement all the recommendations of the 9-11 Commission.
Using administration cronies to forge deals with known international scoundrels like Chalabi the infamous Ghorbanifar, of Iran-Contra fame. See 2004 Washington Monthly articler here: The US once bankrolled Osama Bin Laden. Does the nation's leadership ever learn?

--Manipulating terrorist warnings and the war on terrorism to control Americans. According to former US Ambassador (under George W. Bush) Craig Murray, Bush is at it again. Here's the link: Also read here:
(The administration) initially claiming an important role in breaking British terrorist plot, then later admitting it didn't really do much:

--Not keeping us safe on 9/11, when he had enough information, including that OBL planned to attack tall US buildings with airplanes (August 4, 2001, PDB). Then using his failure to imply he's the only one who'll keep us safe.

--Increasing the risk of insurgency (regardless of claims to the contrary, the war is already lost):

--Waging the illegal war of aggression in Iraq based on lies (Iraq had no WMD and was no threat), which he and his administration told the American people, the Congress, and the world.

--Waging the war in violation of International Law, the US Constitution, and the Geneva Conventions. Or check out There are excellent timelines with links to original articles there. For the House Judiciary Minority Report on the Case for Impeachment, documenting the misdeeds, look here:

--When the original excuse failed to persuade, lying about the war being "about democracy" in Iraq. It never was and now even Bush admits he considers non-democratic means-to-an-end):

--Despite the continued risk to US soldiers and to Americans by his war-mongering, refusing to change course in Iraq as long as he's in office. See video here:

--Ignoring that "staying the course" will increase the budget deficit by $1.3 trillion.

--Waging the war against Lebanon behind the scenes, even, in May, prodding Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to ramp up hostilities to create a pretext for wider war (citation). Note even Olmert now has approval ratings at home of only 40%. But the Bush propaganda machine falsely labels anyone wishing restraint as anti-Semitic. Read coverage about Lebanon here: Here: Also here:

--Planning other wars against Syria and Iran with insufficient reason and failing to acknowledge how the US under his Reagan and Bush's father enabled Iran. Read about it in a William Rivers Pitt article here: Follow the link in the article to the original document. Documents here: and reveal that the US planned this concept long before now. This is despite warning from experts of the riskiness and folly of doing so. Read evidence here:

--Waging wars for the enrichment of his cronies, thus causing the price of arms to double from before the war to the present time.

--Creating permissive oversight of accounting practices by war contractors and leaving us to conclude the war is really about enriching corporate cronies, not freedom.

--Unconstitutional and illegal domestic spying in violation of FISA and the Fourth Amendment and lying to justify the need for such misdeeds after the fact.
Illegal detentions in violation of the Fourth Amendment, International Law, and US Law.

--Building and maintaining secret prisons and extraordinary rendition, in violation of the Fourth Amendment, International Law, US Law.
Furthering secret law, so Americans can't even know what the law is.

--Expanding prisons for profit to incarcerate more people (we currently hold the world record for most in prison, 2 million people.

--Using illegal weapons on non-combatants including white phosphorous and depleted uranium.

--Ordering, condoning, and conducting the torture of human beings in violation of US Law, International Law, the UN Convention Against Torture, and the Geneva Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, and the illegal cover-up of these unprecedented actions.

--Illegal seizure of Iraqi oil to keep oil off the market and prop up prices (see Greg Palast's Armed Madhouse or

--Illegal targeting of civilians (including children), journalists, and hospitals.

--Illegal use of funds in Iraq that had been appropriated for Afghanistan.

--Illegal retribution against whistle blowers.

--Use of signing statements to illegally reverse 750 laws passed by Congress.

--Illegal production of false and/or propagandistic news reports at home and abroad, and corrupting and bribing the press. The White House Deputy Director of Public Affairs is even involved in "The Path to 9-11," purely propagandistic film designed to exploit 9-11 for the GOP.

--Attempted destruction of Social Security by diverting the surplus to off-budget wars of aggression. In flagrant contempt of Congress, Bush has also budgeted privitization of Social Security even though Congress rejected the idea.

--Budgetary malfeasance: Deceptive budgets and the worst budget deficit in US history.

--Neglecting global warming.
Neglecting New Orleans and mismanaging the response effort.

--Obstruction of justice by obstructing of investigations by Congress, the 9-11.

--Appropriating public documents and wrongfully reclassifying them in violation of the public's right to know about their own government (he works for us and not the other way around).

--Failing to provide Congress essential information it needs to conduct its constitutional responsibilities.

--Illegal theft of national elections and cover-up.
--Fanning hatred and contempt for our own citizens, as Dick Cheney has done throughout this administration, but especially last week Read about it here:

--Colluding with oil companies to rig oil, gas, and electricity markets and going easy on culprits.

--Accepting contributions from dubious sources.

--Permitting more media consolidation so a free press is further undermined.

--Undoing environmental regulations and standards for clean air and water.

--Massive giveaways of the nations' resources to cronies.

--Ignoring that nearly half of Middle Class families are having difficulty paying for their health care:

--Undermining democracy at home in the guise of keeping us safe.

No doubt I've left off something really important. But you get the picture. Any friend of GWB is no friend to US voters. If the recent reminders of Allen's unsuitability for office aren't evidence enough, this certainly is. As for "Dumb" and "Dumbe"r, they will be relegated to the fools paradise of neo-con revisionism.