Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Why Is A Conservative Running as Green Party Candidate?

Technically, she's running as an "Independent Green Party" Candidate. But you know and I know that the intention is to tap into the liberal vote by deceiving Virginians into thinking she's a real Green. And by such a ruse,she can siphon off 2% of the vote, thus keeping these votes from Webb.

Insiders were just coming to terms with that load of dung, when she fanned rumors that she may drop out and throw her support to one of the two others? Can't imagine which one? Meanwhile, yesterday, live on MSNBC, Parker said she'll throw her support to the first candidate who will debate her and who also wins the debate.

In reality, she's a right wing conservative, who happens to support rail. I am glad she does (support rail). But her whole candidacy is one more dirty trick. To those supporting this hoax, for shame.