Wednesday, March 28, 2007

After A Decade-Long Hiatus, Hillary "Discovers" Health Care

So much for urgency. As millions have fallen into the ranks of the uninsured, Hillary's finally got religion. I mean health care. Now that it is clear, that no Dem can succeed without a solid health care proposal, Hillary joins Edwards and Kucinich, who got that all along.

Last weekend, as the Democratic candidates debated health care, Hillary found the subject. And she did so by borrowing form all the other candidates. A bit her and a bit there. Isn't there a word for this kind of cut-and-paste?

Pundits such as Roger Hickey (of Campaign for America's future) were a-ga-ga with fawning for Hill, giving her the credit for adding a "diagnosis" of the problem to her Hillary-come-lately health care position. Give me a break.

Clinton's doomed health care performance is no accomplishment, but that doesn't stop Hillary from trying to recast it as an advantage (she's learned). Yawn. There's just a slight problem. When Hillary failed in 1993, she never tried again. There were no efforts to fight back. No revised proposal. She and Bill had the bully pulpit. A master communicator (Bill) didn't try. He and she gave us nothing. For all these years.