Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Couric Morphs Into Ann Coulter

Katie Couric has morphed into Ann Coulter. In her 60 Minutes interview this past Sunday, Couric reached new lows in repeatedly assailing the Edwards couple for their decision to fight on for the presidency despite Elizabeth's diagnosis/prognosis. In Couric's grim-face, snot-nosed bashing, she tried to demonize what really is very selfless: The couple's putting our country's well being above their personal pain. She wasn't satisfied to raise the issue, though that would have stepped over the line as well. But she went on and on, savaging the couple as they sat there in disbelief. Couric seems to go overboard in her hostility to Democrats, but this was despicable.

Of all people on earth, though, Katie Couric is in no position to condemn the Edwards for putting their country, and their mission first. When husband Jay had cancer, Katie didn't quit her job. By all appearances, Couric placed her job at the Today show first.

The truth is that those whose family members have cancer usually need to keep working for benefits. And we should not judge them. Families must make the right decision for and within the family. However, Couric's feigned and strained high ground, when she did exactly the same thing (for lesser or no altruism,)is deplorable.

Katie spent most of her Today Show career avoiding gravitas, allowing herself flung literally and figuratively against a velcro wall. As she hoped to move into real news, she flexed her muscle by knocking Democrats and giving Republicans a free pass. The guy-gal's cute thing turned attack dog. This same "journalist" lobs softballs at George W. Bush, but treats a couple in their new-found grief in such a hostile way?

Those of us, who thought a female anchor was overdue, surely didn't have this in mind. Those who erroneously think any woman is preferable to a male, take note. Unfortunately, qualified women have been sent out to pasture because they weren't young enough, leggy enough, guy-gal enough, or perennially "cute" enough. Katie's stint at CBS has been marred by her continuing last place in the network ratings (among the big three). Katie's performance Sunday shows her failure in the ratings is richly deserved.