Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Ghost of Dan Quayle Rides Again

Those of us who know how to spell potato, and also knew how to spell "pathetic," were relieved when we didn't have Dan Quayle to contend with any more. Never was the bar set so low for a Vice President. On second thought, it was second lowest for Dan Quayle.

But it turns out Dan Quayle never went away. Like many of other sycophants of the Reagan and Bush administrations, they reinvented themselves and found new ways to enrich themselves at our expense.

And they are also doing it at the expense of our wounded servicemen and women. IAP Worldwide Services has the contract for Walter Reed Medical Center. The company was founded by a former Halliburton executive. Sitting on the board of directors is former VP Dan Quayle. Incidentally, they have a cost-plus contract. It's hard to determine where the real work has come in. And, so it's also hard to understand where the plus-work is in the cost-plus. Read more here.