Monday, July 23, 2007

Dave Albo Stars in New Version of Cat in the Hat

(This parody was posted (in fun) by me elsewhere nearly two years ago.
It's that time again! Hat tip, so to speak, to Waldo for running the caption contest which included this photo.)

No lie, I’ve been reading the Cat in the Hat.
So I have a few things to say off the bat.
Dave’s a jolly good sod –if you care about dirt.
But not the environment, which he’d really hurt.
He votes to cut funds for a rainy day.
But gave churches our money – all of $25 K
Day after day, he’s inserted himself…
In our lives ‘cause his has been on the shelf.
(Until now, that is.) Now he’d cut back so much..
While he goes after schools and tenure and such.
To scapegoat one group means he’s really a jerk.
And it’s all the more reason, this guy cannot work
On behalf Virginians far and wide and be fair.
Instead of imposing a state-imposed prayer.
So, without further delay Virginians will be
Going to vote and striking a plea.
We’ll tell his constituents, all who will hear.
That much is at stake in November this year.
Dave needs a break to obsess about sex, prostitution.
While normal Virginians save our Constitution.