Monday, July 16, 2007

Sen. Webb Meets the Press

Twice in two days, Senator James Webb (D-VA) gets kudos. First, he stood up to the pathetic antics of Lindsay Graham on Tim Russert's Sunday news discussion. He defused Graham's phony attempt to put words in the troops mouths. Webb called the continued presence in Iraq what it really is, an occupation. And he confronted Graham on the phony insertion of language into a resolution (tasking Gen. Petreaus with reporting back on "progress") which said we are in a "proxy war" with Iran. This was a back door attempt by Republicans to pretend an incursion into Iran is already "authorized."

Here's the video

Second, today Webb and other freshmen legislators sponsored legislation to deal with corruption by government contracts in Iraq. It's inspired by the Truman Commission, which investigated contractor wartime fraud and abuse. Read about it here: