Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More Webb Superlatives: Sen. James Webb Gets It Right (Again)

Senator James Webb (D-VA) is on a roll. And it sure looks good from here. Here's another article from Raising Kaine.

What a refreshing breath of fresh air to have a senator who tells it like it is. GOP obstructionism is standing in the way of Congress's accomplishing anything whatsoever. But that's the way the Repugs work. Recall it was they who halted government in the legendary Gingrich-induced budget impasse. (And assuming we all have short memories, the guy has the nerve to run for president in 2008!) Our "junior" Senator from Virginia (I use quotes because he towers in stature, heroism-wise, over the so-called Senior senator from our state(knows and does better.

While John Warner and Lindsay Graham are busy obfuscating and working umpteen different spins on no-change, Jim Webb knows why we sent him to Congress--to do the work of citizenship, not the bidding of the president. For all his pretense at statesmanship, John Warner could take some lessons from James Webb. Unlike Warner, Webb doesn't pretend to be differing with the president when he really isn't.

Senator Webb knows when courage, rousing oratory, strong advocacy and pleas for diplomacy are needed. He also knows not to take BS from the wormier members, such as the sniveling Lindsay Graham, who pretends to speak for the troops, but cares zip about them or the rest of America. I have seldom seen a more pathetic exhibition of cowardice than when Senator Graham hid behind the troops in his pathetic Meet the Press confrontation with Jim Webb this past Sunday.

Meanwhile, Webb serves Americans and our country better and better each day. I haven't been all that proud of our side of the aisle of late. But Webb is changing that.