Saturday, August 11, 2007

Chris Matthews Is Full of It

I am not a Hillary supporter (and will not be). I really dislike the extent to which she is more a poster girl for Fortune Magazine than a candidate for the people. I am really tired of her empty proposals, slickspeak, triangulation, and cliches. Nor do I think nostalgia for 1996 is a good way to approach for 2008. Admittedly, Bill Clinton looks a good deal better than what we have now. But that's setting the bar awfully low, don't you think? And, Hill is not Bill. But I do not support her because of the issues. Matthews, however, is a seething misogynist. It is more transparent every day. It's not a pretty sight.

Matthews leads a breathless, irrational, hyped and nauseating daily charge against Hillary that is really transparent. He's made nearly a cottage industry of misogynist slurs against Hillary. It is getting really old. I am sick of it. I'm sure most Americans would, if they heard it, find it revolting. And it's time for him to knock it off.

Now comes some video footage of Matthews going over the top in his sexist approach to a media personality. See the clip here and judge for yourself.

PS My newly self-assigned "babysitters" from the GOP can take a pass (i.e., spare me). I don't need a babysitter. Perhaps they do.

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