Saturday, August 04, 2007

Gutless Senate Gives Bush Everything (to Finish off the Constitution)and Sells Us Down the River: Webb Sells Out

What a great good news day (that would be sarcasm). Ever the gutless wonders (Speaker Pelosi just sold us out on fuel efficiency standards), the Dems have really done it this time. They've finished off the US Constitution and conveyed to Bush unending power to abuse innocent Americans. If he spent one fraction of the time he spends trying to go after innocent Americans on tracking down the real terrorists, we'd have all the security we need. Unfortunately, the head honcho cares more about power grabbing and not enough about keeping us safe. The way it's going, though, all Bush has to do is tell us to be afraid. Then the Dems fall all over themselves asking, "How high should I jump?"Here's the story.

Though I haven't agreed with Senator Jim Webb 100%, I have heaped lavish praise on him. Today, all I can ask is, "How could you?"

PS: If the Dems want to depress their own worker bees, this would be how.