Friday, October 26, 2007

Who Are They Kidding? The Radical "Right" Label Machine Tacks even More Radically Rightward.

Think Progress, a mainstream, slightly left of center organization, whose primary famous name is founder and moderate Dem, John Podesta, has been listed by a radical group of hegemons, promoters of war without end, as one of the ten most "dangerous" organizations in America! But it is "only" number 10 on the list.

Guesss what's number 2? All US colleges and universities. That's right the perpetual war promoters would have you believe that it is dangerous to learn to think for yourself, actually read, and express your opinion. This is an indication of how fanatical are those hell-bent (that's right) hell-bent on destroying everyone having the temerity to oppose its radical agenda.

Conservative front group, Family Security Matters (learn more about it here), came up with this absurd list:

Here's the list:

10) ThinkProgress
9) Muslim Student Association
8) CodePINK
7) American Civil Liberties Union, National
6) Family Research Council
5) Center for American Progress
4) League of the South
2) Universities and Colleges
1) Media Matters for America

Family Security Matters has lost touch not only with matters of security, but with reality. But worse, enemies lists such as this smack of McCartyhism which increasingly pervades the ranks of the radical right.