Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fight the Political Imprisonment of Former Governor Don Siegelman (D-AL)

Over at Democracy Prevails Blog there's a sample letter you can use to fight the political imprisonment of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. 52 former state attorneys general (from both parties) from across the country have signed on in protest over the trumped up case with the alleged suspicious involvement of Karl Rove.

This past Sunday 60 Minutes examined the supposed case against Siegelman and illustrated the flimsiness of the prosecution, no persecution, of this man, for the "crime" of being a Democrat in a position the Republican Machiavellis coveted. First, Rovian clones trump up charges for a recall of Calif. Gov. Gray Davis. Then they hijacked the re-districting process in Texas. Now their handiwork turns more cynical.

Democracy Prevails has posted a sample letter you can write to end this travesty of justice. You can make a difference! Here's the link.