Saturday, April 05, 2008

When Decisiveness Isn't a Virtue

One of George W. Bush's supposed claims to executive prowess is his "decisiveness." Time and again, decisiveness is trotted out as a predictor for leadership and , management,

However, wrong-decision decisiveness, overly hasty decisiveness, stubborn decisiveness, and downright ignorant decisiveness are all dangerous. One of my pet peeves about election coverage is how decisiveness psychobabble gets translated as supporting one candidate or another. Now, though, we finally have perhaps the best living symbol ever of the mistake voters make in overrelying on certainty and "decisiveness." Call him, Mr. President.

MSNBC ran an AP story by Ted Anthony on this subject today (read it here). Kudos to MSNBC for exploring this subject. Now let's see if reporters and anchors there learn anything from the article.