Thursday, June 26, 2008

FAUX NEWS Gives Platform for Inciting Violence and Racism

Over and over FOX "News" gets away with slander, malicious lies and general mischief as a pretense for news. FOX is the practical equivalent of a subsidiary of the Rove wing of the Republican Party. As the Glen Greenwald documentary OutFoxed illustrates, FOX "News" gets its talking points White House each day. And these talking points are one and the same with other Republican talking heads who fan out to fill the airwaves with like bilge in lieu of straight talk. Their drivel gets circulated from FAUX to other media and passed on, propaganda-style, as fact.

But FOX doesn't stop there. FOX "News" attempts to stir up hatred, and sometimes even violence, (see the example of Liz Trotta in No. 4 below) against Democrats and progressives. And FOX has ushered into the race the most malignant race baiting, hatred and stereotypes.

For example, here are just a sample of citations illustrating the vilification of Barack Obama found at FAUX News

[Hat tip to]:

1. Fox News' E.D. Hill insultingly and appallingly asked if Barack Obama and wife Michelle gave "A fist bump? A pound? A terrorist fist jab?" Media Matters, June 6, 2008

2. FOX used the expression Baby Mama" to smear Michell Obama with the term suggesting that she is an unwed mother. "Fox News in trouble again over Obama smear: 'baby mama'" Los Angeles Times, June 12, 2008

3. FOX News Chief Roger Ailes caused Dems to cancel a debate over at Fox over supposed "joke." See, March 10, 2007

4. Listen to this incident in which Liz Trotta on Fox News Channel, May 25, 2008, conflated Obama with Osama Bin Laden and it only got worse from there... She actually suggests that Obama be "knocked off." (Is not inciting such an act illegal (like crying fire in a crowded room?) And why are she and folks like Ann Coulter allowed to imply violence against Democrats, progressives, or liberals is OK.

5. "Fox Attacks: Black America,", June 2007

6. "Fox Attacks: Obama, Part 2,", June 2007

7. "Fox News and its problem with African-Americans," overview, March 2007

8. Here's a smear falsely suggesting that Obama's Books Contain Racially Incendiary Remarks,", June, 2008

9. Schlussel asks whether Barack Hussein Obama should be president "when we are fighting the war of our lives against Islam"?," Media Matters, December 20, 2006

10. "Tennessee GOP Smears Obama With (False) Alleged Ties to Anti-Semitism and Farrakhan," TPM Election Central, February 27, 2008

11. "Obama, Clinton to skip Fox-backed debate,", April 10, 2007

You get the idea. The question is: When will pols stop appearing on this rag of a station? And why does FOX take up a prominent space on the cable lineup? Americans deserve better than this.