Sunday, July 20, 2008

McCain's Social Security Duplicity

Last week wasn't good for John McCain, but you'd be hard pressed to know it from the three networks or three cable news shows. But one of his much-more-than-a-gaffe problems won't go away. John McCain is a Social Security privateer. And given the commodities, housing, and banking scandals, it's astounding that McCain wasn't booed into zero support last week. The wonder is that anyone listens to him at all.

Having the bad judgment to rely on the arch-Machievellian, Phil Gramm, who slipped hundreds of pages into bills behind Senators' backs and unleashed the worst crisis since the great depression. As if that were not bad enough, the sniveling, whining Gramm tells us we are a nation of whiners. This is the same Gramm who, along with his disgustingly opportunistic wife, Wendy, were only too happy to exploit the banking and Enron loopholes Gramm himself inserted into legislation. They are near the top of the list of people not to trust with American's future (At the top is anyone with the last name Bush or Cheney). But John McCain used them anyway and they traveled with him around the campaign until last week. But they've already designed McCain's voodo-economics agenda.

But, hey, the media still acts as if John McCain has any credibility at all. And the insinuate supposed national security "cred" he doesn't have (he's kinda been wrong about absolutely everything). As if that's not bad enough, John McCain talked out of three sides of his mouth last week.

He won't privatize social security, he said, then used language saying he'd do just that in other words. He'd take money out of the system and give it young people, even though current inputs are used to pay benefits. He knows full well that that will cause the collapse of the system. But that's what John McCain and other arch-conservatives want, to drown it in the bathtub, Grover Norquist style. Why do the cons still listen to this guy? The current crisis shows we must have a base of retirement security that evildoers like Gramm cannot get their hands on.

And then there is this. HYPOCRIT JOHN MCCAIN TAKES SOCIAL SECURITY CHECKS--OVER $1900 A MONTH. And this man has the gall to criticize a system he is using himself. [Note McCain also has a military pension (which he should have, I might add), a Senate salary, an expense account, and a wife "worth" more than a hundred million. He is also slated for a Congressional pension when he leaves the Senate. If he wins the White House (God forbid), he gets a pension for life too. AND he gets national health care that we do not, while saying we shouldn't get it too. But we pay for his!] This greedy, hypocritical man is getting all he can, while he can, before he takes it from the rest of us citizens who have counted on it. Are McCain supporters really that "out of gas" that they think this guy can fix anything?