Tuesday, September 26, 2006

NIE-Jerk Reaction," Says the Olbermann in his 9/26/06 Headline

Olbermann got that right. The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), asserting that the War in Iraq is making us less safe, fell on unintelligent and unhearing ears. And "Condi" Rice ditto-headed the Bushspeak. Condi can't specify a single thing she actually did to prevent 9-11. Rice's dissembling before the 9-11 Commission and over and over, before and since, is shameful. And she and Rummy should go. For more on the NIE report, read here.

Note that the administration will only release four pages of the latest NIE. But as Scooter Libby testified in the Fitzgerald investigation, Bush didn't mind authorizing the illegal leak of a previous NIE to manipulate the case for war. Read about that here.