Sunday, October 01, 2006

Over In Virginia's First Congressional District, Shawn O'Donnel Has Identified 12 Core Values of a Democrat.

Here's O'Donnell's list:

--Belief in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as a Living Document of inclusion not exclsuion.

-- Life, Liberty and the Persuit of Happiness for All

--Fairness and Equal Opportunity for All

--Protection of the Environment

--Quality Public Education

--Economic Justice for All

--Living Wage Jobs

--Social Security

--Fiscal Responsibility

--Workers' Representation and Collective Bargaining

--Affordable Health Care, Housing, Utilities and Food

--Homeland Security and Strong National Defense

Until the current administration took office, citizens assumed these were American values. With the exception of the crowd running the show in DC, they are. It just goes to show: It's time to take the country back and re-dedicate ourselve to fostering these values once more.