Thursday, April 05, 2007

Shrub's Idea of How to Spend Easter

So much for his asserted faith. Instead of practicing it, Bush spends his Easter break taunting Democrats, makin' stuff up, and sticking his finger in the collective eyeball of the Senate.

Bush has had a near daily rant falsely asserting that the troops won't be supported because of the Dems. It is he who plans to veto the bill, but never mind. Last year the Republican Congress took until June to settle on a funding bill. That never once provoked such a scurrilous series of denunciations. Furthermore, money (lots of it) is in the pipeline for the troops. Note also, the federal fiscal year begins in the fall, not July. Appropriations have been funded and later increased for the current fiscal year. But Bush has designs way beyond next year or even the one after that. Bush has no plans to leave Iraq, ever. And, to be honest, at least one Democratic candidate (Hillary Rodham Clinton) has plans for a permanent base there herself. Now that the public has literally laughed the prevaricating Bush off his Rose garden stage, he comes up with yet another reason we must capitulate: Israel. But Israel is gaining nothing, and losing much, from the mess Bush is making in Iraq.

Additionally, Bush has been bending the ear of any so-called journalist who'll scribe for him that Nancy Pelosi shouldn't be in Syria and that her going there defies him. "Defying White House, Pelosi meets with Assad," read the Roanoke Times headline). He didn't share such an opinion when three Republican members of Congress had meetings with Syrian leaders recently.

Furthermore, Pelosi doesn't defy him. She shows him as the irrelevant, incompetent, out-of-touch lame duck he really is. And, one Republican after another has said Bush is "all alone." If Bush won't try to make peace in the Middle East, some one better. The Iraq Study Group and numerous experts believe the only way toward peace is to talk to all the parties concerned. Not Bush. Not until Syria "changes its behavior." Is this third grade or what? Perhaps Bush should change his behavior too.

All of Bush's nasty aggressiveness is bad enough, but there's more: Yesterday, the fibster-in-chief inserted the false linkage of Saddam to 9-11 once again. He made sure to once again falsely claim that Saddam was a threat to the US (before Bush invaded) as well. Does anyone listen to or believe this man any more?

And then there's the final touch: After the Senate rejected the funder of lying, defamatory creeps, Bush appoints Sam Fox, GOP fund raiser ($50,000 to the so-called "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" will buy a lot these days) as Ambassador to Belgium anyway. So there. The only trouble is, this is a country Bush is supposed to be running, not a bully's play-yard.