Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Barack Obama: He Lost Me at Hullo-o.

Hullo-o? Are you really sure you want to go there, Barack? Generational warfare against many who are strongly considering you? Are you kidding? When you said this were you really thinking this through? It's no secret that you are more popular among younger voters. Really, what's up with that? Heck, I've leaned initially toward your candidacy, but waivered due to your extreme caution. And I'm not a younger voter. But now you seem to be ready to write off a generation, encourage the perpetuation of generational stereotypes, and trying to pit one generation against another.

This primary time is unusual because I usually make my choice early on. But now it's not quite so clear. I've also liked John Edwards. I've ruled out all the others, especially Hillary, who is so nineties, so yesterday, that I wonder if her supporters are nostalgic for something that never was. I wonder even further at the feminists who are so hungry for a woman in the White House that they'll vote for one who is not their best hope for a progressive America. Do we really need a "free market" Margaret Thatcher who smiles? I put that in quotes because it's not really a free market that free-marketers want, but rather socialism for corporations and on-your-ownership for the rest of us.

But being realistic about Hillary, a demographic peer of mine, does not mean dissing an entire generation, my own. Are you serious? Do you really want to go there? You could well have lost me here, Barack. I'll be waiting for improvements in your attitude about seniors. But most importantly, I want you to speak forcefully on how you'd make this country better. That you're younger isn't reason enough. So, come on Barack, make my day and get serious about the issues.