Saturday, November 03, 2007

Daily Howler Parsing Shows Limbaugh Style in Brian Williams Questions at Democratic Debate.

Wednesday's Democratic debate set a new low for media misbehavior. Russert, Williams et al. were hell-bent on killing off most Democratic hopefuls by neglect and trivialization, while savaging the so-called front-runner. No vote has been cast and statewide polls show the race to be much tighter than the so-called national polls. And yet the media has anointed its "favorite" Dem in order to eliminate her.

They set up their foil and then cannibalize it. As Howard Dean supporters from 2004 know, the media giveth and the media taketh away. Hillary and her supporters' biggest mistake is that they still don't see it. They honestly think they have an unstoppable winner. Until they stop drinking the myth/Kool Aid that there is a liberal media, they will never win. Not this time, not ever. Ironically, I think Hillary knows. Lord knows he's tied in with more than a few Republicans in her laxness about media consolidation and deregulation, and her overtures to Rupert Murdoch. But is she so naive that she can't see she is being set up for a fall, or is she part of the problem? I don't know.

This is not to say Hillary Clinton didn't give interviewers some pause for trying to have it both, or several, ways on several issues during the debate. As I have said, I am no fan or supporter of Hillary's triangulating ways. But the press excess showed once and for all what the television media is really about. Is there anyone who watched who still thinks there is a "liberal media"?

The website Daily Howler presents an explication of the pathetic media performance on this past week's debate. Most questions were framed in Limbaugh-style. Check it out here. Brian Williams has admitted he's a fan of rush Limbaugh, even listens to Rush almost every day.

Now we know Rush has infected him with vicious tongue. Question after question wreaked of Limbaugh frame. So much for Williams' reinventing himself as more humane after Katrina. His real colors are showing now.