Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Olbermann Takes FAUX News to the Woodshed for Its Girls Gone-Wild-Approach to News.

Olbermann gave FOX So-Called News a well-deserved spanking over its ongoing light- porn approach to video news. Check it out here.

Along comes a FOXie to illustrate with a news story to justify FOX obsession with women's anatomies. Here's the text of a FAUX News report of a study purporting to show "curvy" women are healthier, smarter and bearers of smarter kids.

For more fun check out the FAUX News visual report of this here. Kinda gives the story a different look, doesn't it. Does the video support Olbermann's claim or what? The medium is the message indeed. And we've got the message. FOX is tabloid TV.Here's the video.