Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hillary Bushwacked Herself

It's true that the Republicans have set a very low standard for manipulation, fake news, and gamesmanship. But that doesn't mean our side should stoop that low. But never underestimate the ability of our side to match the Bush standard for fake news. It seems Hillary planted questions in her audience. And she now admits as much.

One would hope that she'd be confident that she really does have a "plan" (much talked about, but little explicated by her). It would be nice if she'd spend more time informing citizens about her plans for us and less time staging herself. Or is everything boiling down to those staged homes in a real estate open house?

At least she did admit to what she did this time. Too bad she can't admit her bad judgment on more than one occasion, especially in supporting the Iraq war and allowing Rupert Murdoch to fund raise for her. One can hope. More importantly, we need evidence that Hillary isn't so retro that she's trapped in 1990s thinking, muscular uber-hawkishness, needless war, worthless incrementalism on health care, and off-shoring or US jobs. One can hope, indeed.