Thursday, November 15, 2007

Media Watch: Super Cyclone Hits Bangladesh, But News Shows Lead With Barry Bonds

The cyclone swept in from the Bay of Bengal. And the storm forced approximately 3 million refugees to seek safer ground. Imagine 3 million people! Over 600,000 people have filled shelters to capacity. Bangladeshis are reeling from a super cyclone with winds at 150 mph. This is a mega-disaster. But you wouldn't know it to see the extent of news coverage here.

the story, which wasn't even on on the top of front page of's website.

And yet our networks, two of them (CBS and NBC), led with Barry Bonds, as if we need more press coverage of his troubles.

THE IAEA report was also released today. But you didn't find that near the top of the so-called mainstream media's broadcasts either. Here's the link. I'll write more about the IAEA report later.