Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Two Cents: Congress Distracts (Again)

Most of us have heard that US Reps Henry Waxman and Tom Davis want a DOJ investigation into whether Roger Clemens lied under oath (to Congress). What ever happend to law enforcement handling this (alleged professional doping) problem? How does this rise to the level of a Congressional-level distraction?

Oh, that's right. Better to find something that Nancy Grace can fulminate about for the next year and that CNN, MSNBC and FAUX News can prattle on about the decline of the Western World. Then they won't have to report about the real issues in the New York Times story about John McCain. Or show how the "Straight Talk Express" isn't. Better NOT to investigate all those other things they are supposed to be doing such as --well:

--Whether DOJ itself used the department as a partisan whipping boy.
--whether Karl Rove meddled from the White House in the trumping up of a fake case against former Gov. Don Siegelman (D-AL).
-- Whether George W. Bush and Dick Cheney lied to Congress just after 9-11 and to the present about the causes of 9-11 and the real risks and threats to this country.
--Whether impeachment charges should be filed. (What kind of precedent are they setting by caring more about baseball?)
--About what happened to the million emails that "disappeared."
--About the many millions that have disappeared in Iraq.

There are so many other examples. For now, though, Davis sinks into his ignominious retirement. And Henry Waxman needs to remember why he was a hero to so many of us. Is it an "audacity of hope" to think he will get it (once again)?