Friday, July 25, 2008

Dubunking the Vicious GOP Lie Machine: They Have Gone Viral With One Lie After Another

The GOP is spreading a load about Obama. An email circulating the internet falsely claims that Obama "blew off" the troops on his trip this week. Nothing could be further from the truth. One visit to a military hospital in Germany was canceled when a Pentagon official suggested it might look political. But Obama visited and thanked troops throughout on his visit. Even the NY Daily News and FOX have admitted otherwise. And yet the emailers and talk-radio gasbags have started up their vitriol.

First, there is the video from Kuwait:

And another from Afghanistan:

Here's the evidence: From The NY Daily News there is this:
"As the soldiers where [sic] lined up to shake his hand he blew them off," wrote the Task Force Wasatch "battle captain."
But angry Army brass debunked the Obama-bashing soldier's allegations, which went viral Thursday over the Web and on military blogs such as Blackfive.
The e-mail claims Obama repeatedly shunned soldiers on his way to the Clamshell - a recreation tent - to "take his publicity pictures playing basketball."
"These comments are inappropriate and factually incorrect," said Bagram spokeswoman Army Lt. Col. Rumi Nielson-Green, who added that such political commentary is barred for uniformed personnel.
Obama didn't play basketball at Bagram or visit the Clamshell, she said. Home-state troops were invited to meet him, but his arrival was kept secret for security reasons.
"We were a bit delayed ... as he took time to shake hands, speak to troops and pose for photographs," Nielson-Green said.
E-mails to the officer who made the charges and a call to his wife were not returned.

From ABC News there is this:
He made no public comment after the meeting, but said in a written statement that his main purpose was to see U.S troops, thank them for their "extraordinary service" and let them know the United States is proud of them.

There is this from Politico:
He began with stops in which he has been pictured largely in the company of American soldiers. In Kuwait, he examined military vehicles and signed autographs for soldiers on a military base. The first images out of Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, where he landed after a brief visit to a base in Kuwait, show him with two uniformed members of the military, three other American officials, and a large statue of a bald eagle.

There is this from the Chicago Tribune:

The U.S. military confirmed Obama and the other senators visited Bagram Air Base, the largest U.S. base in the country, and met top U.S. military leaders and troops. But most Afghans did not even know he was in the country. U.S. officials would not acknowledge it publicly or announce the senators' upcoming appearances. Obama's campaign said only that he arrived in Kabul.

"I want to, obviously, talk to the commanders and get a sense, both in Afghanistan and in Baghdad of ... their biggest concerns," Obama had said Thursday, before departing from Andrews Air Force Base. "I want to thank our troops for the heroic work that they've been doing."

And this from FOX!
In Afghanistan, Obama met U.S. troops, the nation’s military leaders and President Hamid Karzai, whose spokesman said: “Sen. Obama conveyed … that he is committed to supporting Afghanistan and to continue the war against terrorism with vigor.”