Thursday, July 24, 2008

McCain's Truthiness (aka Either Confusion or Lying) Revealed

First, Jack Cafferty takes on McCain's Veracity regarding the "surge." The supposedly "No-Straight-Talk" McCain Has a Problem with the Truth (has along along, actually). See's main page for the list of major reversals (more than five dozen of them), and deceptions about his voting record and positions.

Then comes a Republican/McCain Strategist, Nancy Pfotenhauer, to assert that telling the truth,presenting the facts about what came fist and what didn't "undermines the troops." Do you believe the crass, opportunistic hiding behind the troops? These people clearly have nothing! Of course, when the votes come, McCain is a fair weather friend, but never mind.

Telling the truth about Iraq doesn't undermine the the troops in any way. And McPain's (and his enablers) rewriting of history is an insidious attempt to deceive Americans. But America is on to him. The "emperor," McCain "has no clothes."