Sunday, December 17, 2006

Revenge of the "Hee" (Not He-) Men: Are They for Real?

Warning: Sarcasm Zone: Sarcasm sprinkled abundantly throughout the story.

 You might have heard the alarm sounding on the equal rights watch. The Promise Keeper movement is now so yesterday.  And here to up the ante is a new group enabled by -- the song Macho-Man, perhaps?  If so, the irony is overwhelming.

Indeed, just when you thought things couldn't get goofier, given the constant right-wing rant about "feminazis," along came an article last weekend, to lower the bar. The LA Times revealed that:

Thousands of men who feel emasculated by traditional church worship reach for more forceful expression of faith.
Comedian (is this not fitting, or what?) Brad Stine has become an evangelist, and his message is: Enough of "wuss-ification" of America and men, in particular, by so-called woman-oriented culture and religious service.

That deserves a resounding double cheer of Hee and Yee-Haw!  But I mix my metaphors.  For this crowd, it's celebrate the testosterone!  So, according to their fearless leader, there's no more "holding hands" during services or "singing love songs to Jesus" for these guys, no sireee-Bob.  No more Mr. Nice Guy! The Times reveals:

According to John Eldridge, a leading writer in the movement: "Christianity, as it currently exists, has done "terrible things to men" and men "believe God put them on earth to be a good boy."

[Aside: and the problem (with being a good person, is?.........]

So, instead, it's cussing-their cud, I mean chew, off, showing everyone who's "boss," and keeping the little lady in her place.  At mass meetings in big venues, the revival delivers so-called"GodMen," so their spouses will soon know to defer to the man of the house: "You Tarzan. Me Jane."

Stine also apparently distributes a list of "real man's rules for his woman."  So, it's: no more toilet seats down (women are supposed to deal with it), sword brandishing to show household leadership, no help around the house, trips into the woods to get in touch with their inner macho--you get the picture. As Stine asks:

Are you ready to grab your sword and say, "OK family, I'm going to lead you?"
Not surprisingly, this year's theme is: unleashing the warrior within. 

Religion is something to be respected.  But this?  This sounds more like game-playing--and gaming women, who could avert domestic redesign thusly: Eyeroll please!  To affected women, I say, as the now-head of the DNC says, don't ever forget that "you have the power!"  To these sad, "deprived" men, I say, Stephen Colbert, architect of the green-screen swashbuckling contest, would be so proud.  Mixing metaphors is so much fun!

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