Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Democrats Won, But James Carville Still Doesn't Get It

Malcontent James Carville isn't happy with a takeover of Congress. He wanted a bigger takeover. So he's set his sights on DNC Chair, Howard Dean. No good deed goes unpunished, in politics, as in real life. Dean leads us to a great victory and the Ragin' Cajun wants his head on a platter, served up by the hypothetical replacement, Harold Ford of Tennessee! This makes no sense. Ford has been wrong on too many issues to count.

Howard Dean, on the other hand proved right on Iraq (about which he courageously spoke the truth before the war). He was right on the need to intervene as more and more fall into the ranks of the uninsured, right that Bush undermined the Constitution and our liberties, right about Bush selling most Americans short, right about offshoring our jobs, right pointing out the culture of corruption at the hands of the GOP, and right that Bush was making us less safe. You'd be hard pressed to know it, where James Carville is concerned. And Harold Ford, well he was just one more play-it-safe Bush Light. Dean's fifty state strategy, tried for the first time, was an overwhelming success. Sure it could have been improved. Everything can. But enough of the nasty infighting!

James Carville has some explaining to do of his own. His bedmate, wife Mary Matalin, was a participant in the ugliest race Virginia has seen in decades. Matalin, Dick Cheney's former Chief of Staff; Scott (Hitler Ad) Howell; Chris (Swift Boat) Lacivita; and Rove Protege, Dick Wadhams ought to be ashamed. They've made a mess of America and they heaped on Virginians a new low for "swiftboating."

And though we can't blame James for everything Mary does, it does make you wonder sometimes who's side he's really on. Over at there's list of losers last Tuesday. The above-named Republicans are on it. Carville needs to be added. We are so over him.

What I'd really like to know is why is this guy speaking for us on CNN's Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer? James Carville is yesterday's consultant. He brought us two Clinton victories, but the loss of both houses of Congress. He couldn't help his old boss stave off impeachment and he was more useless than a fence post in the past six years,as Bush undid the past 100 years. Enough of the James and Mary Road Show! Enough of the Ragin Cajun. Period.