Monday, November 20, 2006

Maureen Dowd Says M-e-e-o-w-

Over at Firedog Lake, Christy Hardin Smith has an article up about Maureen Dowd's disgusting rant on Democratic House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi. [Disclaimer: I know I've been known to be a critic of a couple of our foremost women leaders in our country--on issues.] But surely, Nancy Pelosi, whatever her shortomings, has taken quite enough negative press, unfairly levied, for the rest of us to pile on right now. There's been talk of botox, pundits have called her the "Wicked Witch of the West." Over and over, she's been dissed for being a San Francisco "liberal." The last time I checked the City by the Bay was one of our largest and most beautiful cities. It's not far from Silicone valley and America's breadbasket, the Central Valley of California. And we get Dowd? BTW There is a GOP governor in California, the state, which unfortunately brought us Nixon and Reagan. But you can count on the media to diss an entire state for being too "liberal." And, God forbid there are any Democratic Party leaders, muchless women!

Here's just a sample what Dowd said: (the link is behind the subscription wall). It's entitled, "Squaker of the House," which tells you what you need to know about Dowd's perspective. .

"Pelosi's first move was to throw like a girl."

Perhaps Dowd's feet are hurting from her mile-high uncomfortable shoes.

Here's what Christy said:

The real reason the media is all about Pelosi trashing is this: It disrupts uncomfortable Bush segments misleadingly suggesting to us that Vietnam shows that staying the course works (does the man even have a memory?) We also see less of Bush making a fool of himself and us around the world. The media has been brutal on Pelosi's rise to the leadership. But there are many countries around the world which are more progressive about women leading: England, German, Israel, India, and many more. I do not subscribe to the view that we "must" elect a woman. I am not a Hillary supporter. And Margaret Thatcher certainly disproved that notion for us. But the Pelosi bashing also distracts from the hard truth that even uber-hawk, Henry Hissinger, is telling the world that a win in Iraq is impossible (check it out over at Think Progress).