Wednesday, November 15, 2006

2008 Polls Have Surprises...

John McCain may have jokingly said he'd commit suicide if the Dems took the Congress. But, don't look now, John, several candidates are breathing down your neck. There is Hillary, who polls well. But even Hillary can't breathe easy. According to the Gallup survey folks, it looks like Obama has a real chance to give Billary a run. Among the findings are the following:

Clinton leads with 31%, and Obama holds 19%. Former Sen. John Edwards comes in third, with 10%, followed by former Vice President Al Gore (9%) and Sen. John Kerry (7%). Sen. Joseph Biden draws 4%, Gen. Wesley Clark 3% and Sen. Evan Bayh and Gov. Bill Richardson just 2% at this point.

Giuliani tops McCain 28% to 26%, with Condoleezza Rice at 13%. Newt Gingrich has 7% and Gov. Mitt Romney 5%.

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