Wednesday, November 15, 2006

George Allen's Concession: Good Fiction

I'm a bit tired hearing what a supposedly generous concession and decline of a recount, Geroge Allen made. It wasn't so gentlemanly as the MSM, or pundits, would have us believe.

First, there is no such thing as a real recount in Virginia. We have no auditable paper trail, except for absentee and provisional ballots. So, George Allen could have delayed the inevitable, but not overcome it.

The difference between the candidates in the Webb-Allen race was 9,326, a difference not likely to be made up from absentee or provisional ballots. When Creigh Deeds called for a recount, the difference in vote count was only around 300. The odds might have been surmountable.

Second, Allen fired a shot across the bow, threatening he'd be back (hopefully not with the hate-drenched crew of Dick Waddams, Chris (Swift-Boat) Cevita, or Mary Matalin), presumably to contest Webb once more. We've heard enough rewriting of history from this crew. The Virginia GOP needs to do some real soul-searching. Is this the best they can do?