Monday, January 08, 2007

Bush Gone Wild

Is he just making stuff up as he goes along? George W. Bush now wants a billion (that's right a billion) dollar jobs program for... Iraq! Let me count the ways this is a bad idea.

1) Apparently, he's not satisfied with his previous or current run-away spending in Iraq.

2) He evidently willfully wishes to borrow even more that our children,grandchildren
and great-grandchildren will have to pay back.

3) His handing over our tax dollars to friendly US contractors means the money is just one more huge distribution of pork. How many cost over-runs should Bush buddies get away with? We haven't gotten our our money's worth on the reconstruction effort. If he decides to give the money directly to Iraq, then we are directly funding Iraqi "entitlements."

4) Many Iraqi's still don't have electricity for 16 hours a day. Let the hearings begin!

5)Bush's hand-over of a billion is not good stewardship of our tax dollars. of our own dollars for a so-called jobs program. That's Bush "conservatism" for you.

6) We can't depend on the Bushies to get anything right in Iraq.

7) Bush needs to spend that on those whose jobs have been outsourced and off-shored here.

8) In addition to borrowing, Bush has taken monies from just about evverything else in the budget and from Social Security to pay for Iraq. He needs to start paying it back.

If this latest news tidbit isn't enough to persuade Americans that we should stop this Bush craziness, then nothing will.