Monday, January 08, 2007

Chris Matthews Fibs to Slam Webb.

Following the great victory and celebration for Senator James Webb last week, it took barely 24 hours for saber-toothed motor-mouth Chris Matthews to spin this one. Read the Media Matters report here:

Here's what Rob at Raising Kaine had to say:

On Hardball, Chris Matthews asked why Sen. Jim Webb is "changing the subject" away from Iraq, falsely asserting that Webb "never did [that] during the campaign." In fact, Webb frequently discussed other issues during the campaign, including during two appearances on Hardball.

The video montage compiled by Media Matters is a visual beatdown of Matthews.

First, it shows Matthews' false assertion that Webb was only an
anti-war candidate, which Webb corrected before answering the question
about Iraq:

MATTHEWS: ... the people that voted the way they did this past November
to bring about a change, do you think they're going to be happy to see
an escalation in the U.S. role in Iraq that the president's talking

· Then, it shows Matthews slam Webb behind his back with false claims
that Webb was simply "changing the subject now" (no, he was correcting
a falsehood and he did talk about Iraq) and that Webb never talked
about issues other than Iraq during the campaign.

· And finally, the video clip shows examples of candidate Jim Webb
doing exactly that - stressing other issues (like economic fairness)
during the campaign while on Matthews' own show!

Chris Matthews needs to pay attention during his interviews and do his
homework, and then he needs to apologize to Senator Webb.

Tell him:

Thanks to Rob from Raising Kaine for this.