Thursday, January 11, 2007

Could George Bush Pass the New Citizenship (Pilot) Test?

Here's a question: has George W. Bush even read the Constitution? I doubt it.

Here's the test new citizens must take. George W. Bush obviously needs to go back to citizenship school. We have three branches of government and there are co-equal! This is not a unitary government. Bush's version of consultation with Congress is, according to his senseless speech last night, to form a new "bipartisan" working group with non other than Joe Lieberman! That's real bi-partisanship for you. Take one independent, mix him in with a number of Republican yes-men and there you have it. The GOP didn't give Lieberman his ride back to Congress for nothing.

And come to think of it, didn't we just have such a group -- the Iraq Study Group? Didn't Bush say he'd take the recommendations seriously. He didnt', anymore than he did the recommendations for the 9-11 Commission. It took a Democratic Congress to pass the 9-11 Commission recommendations (it did so earlier this week). This is not a dictatorship (yet). But more and more it acts like one on TV.

A constitutional crisis is brewing and Bush is sqaurely to blame. He's not listening to anyone these days, except perhaps a few ideologue crazies. His supporters are dropping like flies and still he thinks he can remake the Middle East. He does so at our peril. But that matters little to him. I don't think anyone feels safer yet. And still he conflates imperialsm with the war on terrorism.

Calling all Congresspersons: Is anyone listening to Americans, who say overwhelmingly get the troops out safely and stop the insanity? Anyone?

Here's the citizenship test.