Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rudy Giuliani's Got a Lot of Nerve Wrapping Himself in 9-11 Hero's Cape: Rudy's Alleged Links to Terror Sheik

It's no secret Rudy wants you to think of him as "America's Mayor" (!) or a "hero" on 9-11. Increasingly, however, such mantras have emerged as flimsy propaganda. Indeed, Rudy has a lot of nerve wrapping himself in patriotism and 9-11 heroics. There were plenty of heroes that day. Only Rudy was more grandstander than hero. Worse, Rudy has dealings which cast doubt about his ability to keep us safe.

As a new Village Voice story reveals, the one-time mayor has business connections which tie him to the man who let 9-11 mastermind escape from the FBI. This stunning revelation is detailed here.