Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another Great Commentary by Keith Olbermann
Read it here:

Six excellent Keith Olbermann Commentaries (and one investigative presentation): Here are the others.

1. Feeling Morally Confused? On Rumsfeld's linkage of critics to Nazi appeasers. Read it here.

2. Have You no Decency, Sir! On Bush joining in with Rummy and the neo-McCarthyites. Read it here.

4. Apologize, Mr. President. On Bush telling Americans "that it's unacceptable to think…" here.

5. A Textbook Definition of Cowardice. On Bush dispatching his cronies to assail Clinton on terrorism-- when Bush did nothing to prevent 9-11 here.

6. This is an investigative report refuting Bush administration claims that they did much of anything to prevent 9-11. This is the best refutation on the networks or cable news, courtesy of Read it here.