Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A New and Improved GOP? NOT!

With the GOP, the more things change the more they remain the same. Trent Lott, who notoriously celebrated Strom Thurmond's fleeing to the Dixiecrats because the Democrats were embracing integration, is now No. 2 in the GOP Senate hierarchy. Are they kidding? Here's a guy who said that if Thurmond and his segregationist ways had won, we'd all be better off. Have they no shame?

Senator Lott was also privy to the era of obstructionism and impeachment of Bill Clinton, yet has little to say about the current national CEOs much larger failings and misdeeds. Their clocks were cleaned last week. You'd think the senatorial GOP members would learn.

But here they are imposing the darkest days of the GOP on us once more. And there's Newt, who thinks he's actually the Comeback Kid. Worse, he thinks he will be president. If anyone needs proof that the GOP has lost its way, here it is. Lott and Newt will move their party back into the ditch as surely as George Felix Allen, Jr. did. It's time for them to go.