Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Media Watch: No Wonder We are in Trouble

The top Yahoo "news" search in 2007 was for Britney Spears. And if that's not pathetic enough, let's ponder what people weren't reading about while they were reading everything they could get their hands on (I mean read) about the hapless latest of the crash-and-burn celebrities.

Let's see what else was going on while this celeb was telling Americans that we should just trust our president. The administration was:

--misleading Americans about WMD.
--fabricating links between Saddam and 9-11.
--Abu Grahib and torture in general.
--Ending habeas corpus.
--Spying on Americans for no reason and without a warrant.
--Record numbers of signing statements.
--Rigging prosecutions of fake voter registration cases by the Bush administration.
--Setting up the mechanisms to steal yet another election.
--lying to Americans about the threat Iran actually poses (or doesn't).
--expanding the list of our enemies to "justify" more wars.

All the while, many Americans still follow Britney's suggestion to just trust the president, the above shows we should not. And the Bush-beholding MSM continues serving us up more and more disgusting Britney film footage, encouraging paparazzi to stalk her, and loading up the airwaves with irrelevancies, so were are in the dark about the next scandal most won't know about.