Thursday, October 27, 2005


A commenter, Chris, whom I believe is over at spacecraft likes to ridicule. Usually, I must say, he's just running a quart low. Other than to say that much, I'll leave him to his fun.

But today I learned through Chris that I inadvertently posted an article, which I had left unfinished and unresearched on my post list. I'll think twice about leaving unfinished stuff on the blog. Far better to import them when I need to or upload them from doc files, which I haven't done recently because of some bug in my software which prevents uploading.

The comments were a first reaction and not any final consideration by me of the subject. And Chris rightly points out that the patent I spoke of (on the act of pouring a bowl of cereal) was pending and not finally approved. So, I apologize to those in the patent office who haven't yet finalized the patent.

I love innovation. But as one whose father holds some real patents, I believe they should mean something. Let's hope the USPO holds the application to good standards. So thanks Chris. Bet you never thought I'd be thanking ya, huh?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Still More Leak Investigation Falsehoods

The disinformation about Plamegate grows each day. And it's hard to believe some of the disinformers can still look Americans in the eye. Read about it here.

Morris "Weeps" at Prospect of Rove's Indictment

Media Matters reports (Read it here)that Dick Morris is having a pity party over Karl Rove's fate.

Appearing on the October 25 edition of Fox News' Hannity & Colmes, Dick Morris, a political analyst and former adviser to President Clinton, echoed previous statements regarding White House senior adviser Karl Rove and Rove's potential indictment for involvement in the CIA leak case. Morris repeated that Rove "doesn't deserve an indictment," adding, "He piloted Bush to re-election" and had "a lot to do with saving this country from terrorism." Morris also declared, "I weep for him [Rove]", after saying to co-host Alan Colmes that if Rove committed perjury, "he should be indicted."

On the October 20 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, Morris said of Rove: "I love Karl Rove. He deserves better. He's magnificent. He elected Bush. The country owes him a debt.

The thing that keeps nagging at me is why Bill Clinton ever hired the man who "helped elect George W. Bush."

Friday, October 21, 2005 has a post called "DeLay Booked" that's worth checking out...

Earlier today, Rep. Tom DeLay surrendered to Texas authorities, was fingerprinted and had his mug shot taken, and posted a $10,000 bond before leaving the Harris County sheriff’s bonding office. He's due in a Texas court tomorrow to face charges of conspiracy and money laundering.

McDonnell--Follow the Money

With all the baseless negative ads conjured up by the Bob McDonnell folks about Creigh Deeds, it's instructive to look more closely at McDonnell himself. Here's another set of reads, one graphic and another one graphics/text/humor. The two features (read them here and here) attempt to follow the money trail of Bob McDonnell donors.

Leesburg Today Writes Scathing Critique of Kilgore

Over at there's a great article from Leesburg Today. Check it out to see what that paper, in the heart of Loudon County (AKA former NOVA Republicanville), had to say about Jerry Kilgore. It does appear that Jerry is tanking fast. Read the article and get links to the original here. The publication calls Jerry Kilgore "reprensible" and "indefensible."

Thursday, October 20, 2005

American Progress Action Weighs in on Plamegate

Leaking from the Top

October 20, 2005

American Progress Action had the following to say:

"Make no mistake, the importance of the Fitzgerald investigation isn't about who said what to whom – it is about Iraq. It is about the administration manipulating intelligence to lead the country into war and then lying to cover it up. And the responsibility for this misleading of the American public lies with President Bush.

President Bush reportedly rebuked Karl Rove. The New York Daily News reported yesterday that, according to a "presidential counselor," an "angry President Bush rebuked chief political guru Karl Rove two years ago for his role in the Valerie Plame affair." If the report is true and Bush had this run-in shortly after September 2003, than it raises serious questions about the integrity of statements Bush has made about the investigation.

President Bush may have known who leaked Plame’s name when he publicly said he didn’t. Josh Marshall notes that on October 7, 2003 – around the same time as Bush's alleged rebuke of Rove – Bush said, "I mean this town is a – is a town full of people who like to leak information. And I don't know if we're going to find out the senior administration official." Bush added, "this is a large administration, and there's a lot of senior officials. I don't have any idea. I'd like to. I want to know the truth." The New York Daily News article suggests that Bush already knew the truth: one of the leakers was Karl Rove.

The responsibility for the actions of this administration ultimately lies at the desk of the president. In the coming days, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will determine whether any laws were broken by a member of the Bush administration. However, only the president can answer the larger and far more troubling question of whether his White House actively manipulated intelligence to make the case for a war that has made our country less safe and cost 2,000 American lives."

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Delay Indicted

Don't let anyone tell you it's just politics that the prosecutor in the Tom Delay is a Democrat. Ronnie Earle is a Democrat, but he's indicted more Democrats than Republicans. So, it's hard to argue he's just out to get the GOP. Actually, it's the other way around. It appears Delay's dirty tricks and money practices upended a lawful, bipartisan redistricting. Delay didn't much appreciate the redistricting plan so he allegedly conspired to import corporate cash to add congressional seats via an unprecedented -- and some argue--unlawful addition of Congressional seats. It's the money Earle has apparently focused on, though. Trouble is, you can't use corporate cash in Texas. But, even if Delay's out in Congress, there's likely no end to his practices. He'll probably just take them elsewhere. And I wonder if the indictment will make a dime's worth of difference in the necessary clean-up of Republican cronyism and corruption. Read the story here.

What the "journalism" Field Has Become... reports that
The Society of Professional Journalists' decision to give its prestigious "First Amendment Award" to embattled New York Times reporter Judith Miller is a blow to freedom of expression.

As points out, this organization rewarded a reporter, who allegedly collaborated with and protected a powerful White House official. That official or officials tried to punish the free speech of a government critic and undermine the safety of his family. They committed a possible felony and an unAmerican act to diverge classified information. Other CIA operatives are less safe because of their actions.

The article says, "The SPJ is undermining, not advancing, the principles of the First Amendment." Nor is it standing for principle in ignoring her considerable disinformation about WMD in Iraq. In a fair America, Judith Miller would undergo even more scrutiny than she has.

It's hard to recall a less deserving, less First-Amendment-protecting person than Judith Miller. She didn't even write a story on the subject of Plame, but lamely claimed First Amendment protection. Trouble is, the First Amendment wasn't designed to protect abuse of power, a treacherous outing of a CIA operative, or Miller's role in misleading Americans into war. Despite all that, the NY Times continues to coddle Miller and assign her more important stories (it may want dissembled). She makes a mockery of the so-called "paper of record." But worse, her fanning of the flames of WMD should require an accounting to the American people. Here's what Fair had to say. Also check The person deserving an award here is Joseph Wilson.

Sometimes Fact Amuses More than Fiction...

Read what Raising Kaine has unearthed about Bob McDonnell, GOP candidate for AG. This is way too amazing. They're doing great research on this FOP (Friend of Pat (Robertson)) over at RK. And it doesn't get more ironic than what they've unearthed.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Too Good To Be True? Cheney Resignation Rumors Fly: Will Plamegate Lead to His Ouster?

US News website has cited persistent runors around the capital that Dick Cheney may have to step aside. Under such a scenario, the rumors suggest, Condoleeza Rice would step in as VP.

Media Matters Joins the Media Wars Over the Virginia Governor's Race.

Here are two articles showing the facts to rebut the false claims by the other side and right-wing media concerning the governor's race. Read them here and here.

It's Almost Too Priceless: The Washington Times Supports Jerry-the-Duck

Here's news from the paper Sun Myung Moon built, the Washington Times supports Jerry--the-Duck. The only thing is, I wonder about these GOPhers who'd rely on a newspaper founded by the Moonie, who aims for one world government, under him, of course. "Who'd want that paper's endorsement?" you have to ask. Is that the best they've got? You gotta alove it. As for me, I'm still ROTFL...With a few BWAHAHAHAHS thrown in. Read about it here.

Arianna Huffington Questions Judy Miller's Reporting, Asking: "A Cancer on the New York Times?"

Huffington said,

Signs of trouble and Judy Miller were like Mary and her little lamb. Everywhere that Judy went, a flashing warning sign was sure to follow. Indeed, in looking back on her career, it's clear that there were more red flags popping up around Judy Miller's work as a journalist than at a May Day parade in Red Square.

Read more here...

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Rove Either Dumper or Dumpee? You Decide.

This is just too priceless. The Gophers are running scared. Read about it here.

Also check in with what Waldo Jaquith had to say.

Frank Rich Says: "It's Bush-Cheney, Not Rove-Libby"

It tells you something about Jerry Kilgore that he has invited Karl Rove into Virginia to advocate for him. And it's quite fitting that Jerry's done this just as the Fitzgerald investigation of Plamegate gets dicier.

Here's what Rich had to say. " There hasn't been anything like it since Martha Stewart fended off questions about her stock-trading scandal by manically chopping cabbage on "The Early Show" on CBS. Last week the setting was "Today" on NBC, where the image of President Bush manically hammering nails at a Habitat for Humanity construction site on the Gulf Coast was juggled with the sight of him trying to duck Matt Lauer's questions about Karl Rove." Read more here.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

First Texan Mad Cowboy Disease, Now Virginia Foot in Mouth Disease: Jerry Kilgore Joins the Bush-like Republicans You Just Can't Trust.

Jerry Kilgore has, as Jon Stewart says, "Nothin'" So, he's found a new way to try to undermine Tim Kaine. Lie. Demagogue. Jerry even seeks to undermine our system of laws. That's what Jerry is up to now.

Watch the New Kill-and-Gore Ads
These ads are brought to you by the same folks bringing the Swift Boat Lies against John Kerry. Scott Howell, of Swift-Boat-Vets-for So-Called-Truth Fame, has gotten in the mud before. Now comes an ad, which so seriously takes things out of context that it reveals a scorching, raw, recklessness Virginians should really fear.

Hear What Tim Kaine Really Said
If you listen to the taped footage of the Richmond Times Dispatch interview, you'll hear what Tim Kaine really said.

Media Response: Papers weigh on Kilgore's ruthless, malicious and distorted ads.
--My only question is: How did this man get to play attorney general? "The ad exceeds the bounds of decency and good taste that ought to be ingrained in a future governor..." [Virginian Pilot editorial, 10-13-2005]

--" offensive and vile attempt to manipulate an emotional issue for base political gain." [Roanoke Times editorial, 10-13-2005]

--"Kilgore has managed to take the issue and run right into the gutter with it. ... some thoroughly venomous and dishonest ads have been unleashed to close the deal." [Daily Press editorial, 10-14-05]

--"Virginia needs a governor who is focused on solving the state's legitimate problems rather than smearing his opponent ... Kilgore showed a stunning lack of judgment ..." [Bristol Herald Courier editorial, 10-14-2005]
Also Check These:

The Subtext
Jerry Kilgore does not believe in the justice system. He does not believe in the law or the Constitution. He thinks anyone who provides defense disqualifies himself for the state's highest office. Kilgore is implying that defendants shouldn't be defended.

Tim Kaine does not personally believe in the death penalty. (Nor do Jeb Bush or Mike Easley, both governors). Neither does Rick Santorum. But Tim Kaine (and they) have sworn to uphold the laws of Virginia (or their respective states). Tim will again swear to uphold the laws of Virginia again when he is sworn in governor.

Those of us believing in life w/o parole, but no death penalty, should not apologize. It's an honorable position. And fellow citizens actually agree when asked questions without inflammatory push-polling. When asked whether, if there were no chance for parole for capital cases, they supported the death penalty anyway, only 39% of those surveyed said yes. And Jerry Kilgore grandstanding and flame-throwing can't change that. Citizens must speak out against those whose who'd execute the wrongfully convicted because they don't care about the truth. Justice is not fact-blind. Furthermore, as Kilgore plays fast and loose with the truth, he's attacking Kaine's religious beliefs. What Kilgore is implying is that only individuals of approved (by Republicans) tenets or dogma can run for office. This religious intolerance is unAmerican and decidely irreligious.

The Context
These extremists claimed that Earl Washington's case shouldn't have been reexamined because of the need for "finality." A Virginian executed not long ago left behind DNA, but these extremists still won't examine it because they don't want to know if the wrong man was executed. "Finality," you know. Do Virginia Republican leaders have a conscience? In 2000 Earl Washington was found innocent of the murder that erroneously put him on death row. Many in the country were reeling from the news that, in several states, mistakes had been made. These weren't just clerical or technical errors in many cases, but rather risked executing the wrong person. Gov. Ryan of Illinois courageously called for a moratorium until death penalty cases were studied in his state. And a number of cases were found to have been either based on errors or the arrest of the wrong person. A study and moratorium was the decent, honorable, and right thing to do.

Back when Kaine made the statement in the Richmond Times Dispatch interview, we also had a 21 day rule for the introduction of evidence disproving a person did the crime. Now the time period has been expanded, but it still isn't long enough. Furthermore, my understanding of the new law is that only DNA evidence can be used to disprove. But in some cases there is no DNA evidence. So even if witnesses come back years later and say they lied, or if a person can be proven conclusively to have been somewhere else, the case can't be reopened. The charges can't be dropped, unless there is DNA evidence in sufficient amounts to conduct the test.

Tim Kaine was asked his views on the death penalty in that climate--when there were calls for study here in Virginia. Any moral person should want real justice, the real culprits convicted. And it speaks for itself that the GOP crowd doesn't care about convicting the right person.

Now comes Jerry Kilgore to exploit two family members. Tim Kaine doesn't seem to want to talk about these cases because he doesn't want to criticize victims. But there is more to these stories than meets the eye. Check out independent bloggers: and have unearthed. The bottom line is Tim Kaine had nothing to do with their pain or grief. Does partaking in defammatory ads alleviate their grief? Did they just want someone, anyone, to pay? Only using the whole process, properly administered, could we know for sure the system has convicted the right person. Tim Kaine needs to fight back harder and tougher on these points.
To Sum Up:

Jerry Kilgore doesn't care whom he maligns or how he does it.
--Jerry Kilgore lost the debate, so he stoops lower than low.
--Jerry Kilgore has no regard for the truth.
--Jerry Kilgore is the most vicious candidate to run in Virginia in decades (and that's something given the George Allen "We're going to shove their teeth down their whiney throats" comment George Allen made about "liberals."
--Jerry Kilgore has no proposals for Virginia, except intrusive government, tax cuts, financial destruction, and more infrastructure privatization.
--Jerry Kilgore doesn't believe in civil liberties
--Kerry Kilgore thinks studying the Virginia justice system was the wrong thing to do.
--Kilgore doesn't support the Constitution, the law and due process.
-doesn't believe a person has a right to defense.-
-doesn't believe in the right of appeal
- thinks the only legitimate part of a court proceeding is the prosecution.
--While pretending otherwise, Jerry believes only in the tyranny of BIG GOVERNMENT.
--Jerry has criticized Tim Kaine's work to end insurance redlining because it's too "liberal.."
--Jerry unconscionably invokes Hitler against Tim Kaine.
--Jerry thinks private actions in loving relationships (whether hetero- or homosexual) are prosecutable -- even today in 2005.
--Jerry thinks mere presence in the vicinity of a crime should mean a person should be convicted of capital murder under his proposed expansion of gang statutes. Innocent bystanders, only in the wrong place at the wrong time, could get swept away in this expansion.
--Jerry lied when (at the debate) he said he wouldn't prosecute women, implying that he'd only target only doctors. He has repeatedly claimed abortion is murder and should be treated as such. Additionally, now he says that, unless a rape victim files a police report within a week, she shouldn't be allowed an abortion.
--Jerry disqualifies himself for governor because he doesn't support the law against illegal wiretaps (his party did this to Mark Warner and the Dems in the House of Delegates).
--Jerry Kilgore will mean more cronyism and corruption.
--Jerry Kilgore has represented a subsidiary of KBR as a lobbyist. Now he supports their Coalfield Expressway project.
--Jerry Kilgore wouldn't investigate King Pharmaceuticals because execs there donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to him (WDBJ7 says it's actually closer to a million). This suggests we need to take a closer look at Kilgore's relations and decisions while he pretended to be our AG.
--Jerry refuses to distance himself from the Rovian culture of corruption and lies. Rove is fundraising in Virginia for Kilgore.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Tim Deserves a Touchdown Dance. Where's the Cheering Section?

One of the things I've noticed today is a certain glumness and amazingly out-of-synch self-reflection (actually chest-beating) from some bloggers who saw the debate. Many of us have legitimate concerns about the debates. First, they aren't debates at all. The rapid fire format was designed for rapid-fire character assassination with no time for response. Relative to issues that matter to most citizens, the questions were inane. A few hot-button issues were stirred up to throw red meat to some factions. Kilgore was as inarticulate and pathetic as one can be and still be standing, but the media doesn't tell it like it is. Most questions for Kilgore were of the kid-gove variety.

But here we are today with many acting for all the world like we didn't win. It's stunning. Look how some have allowed Kilgore's spin-artists to redefine things. Has BUSHWORLD led to the recalibration of everything? Or the turning of everything upside down? Hard questions, unfair questions, the wrong questions, or even the hostility of a few journalists toward Tim doesn't change that Tim won. Bob Denton's spin that it's "a draw" doesn't make it a draw or mean that Kaine was just a little "bit" more articulate. And the fact that Larry Sabato thinks the debate was a draw doesn't mean it wasn't a KO.

So, in the interest of setting the record straight, no matter what your sport, Tim ran circles around Kilgore, cleaned his clock, boxed him out, performed a KO, deserves a touchdown dance, or played "wipeout" as dude Jerry fell into the drink of a fifty foot wave. (Fade oo to that old song by the Ventures--Wipeout!).

Tim won! He won big. So, why aren't we acting like it? Over at Commonwealth Conservative, you'd think they actually won. They appear to believe their own smoke. They all blogged together during and after the debate, all (or almost all, I should know better than to use absolutes) spoke with one voice--Kilgore's talking points. They created their own social psychology experiment, you know feigning agreement so everyone else would buy it. It's pretty funny, actually. If I were they, I'd be so completely ashamed that that's the best the Virginia Republican Party can do. (Actually, that's really good news for us.)

I am not saying we shouldn't express our opinions and ideas on blogs. Lord knows I do so, probably more than I should. But when victory is ours, why can't we celebrate it? I'm also not saying we should be more scripted. Most who know me know I'm too independent for that. But I must say we can do better than some of the entries I've read on Democratic and progressive blogs today. We can't accept a strong victory when it's handed to us. So, one more time, the questions were inane, but Tim won. The moderator wasn't fair, but Tim won. The moderator allowed personal attacks and insufficient response, but Tim won. Jerry didn't have to be carried out, but Tim won. He won so big that the only question I have is: Can we see victory when it's staring us in the face?

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Raising Kaine in Blacksburg: Part 3 (Go Hokies!)

Small towns love parades. And Montgomery County loves Tim Kaine. Personally, I haven't walked in a parade since I was a kid. Not my style. Others felt the same way, but, like us, got up early and fought game day traffic anyway. Then we walked the walk. Young Democrats and town folks alike walked the route from the old Middle School to the Virginia Tech drill field. I'm guessing about 100 walked with Tim.

Tim's energy and enthusiasm showed. He sprinted back and forth across main street, talking with constituents along the way. He signed autographs and posed for pictures with voters. Kids wanted their picture taken with him too. And the rest of us carried signs, cheered and handed out "Kilgore is a Wahoo" buttons.

In, what we all agreed must be a good sign for the remaining month, Tech went on to win the game at 41-14. And Blacksburg got to welcome the Lt. Governor and Virginia's next governor.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Truly Mockworthy!

Kigore's newest ad would be laughable if it weren't so pathetic. As Waldo, over at Waldo noted, this bobble-head doll ad is par for a guy who injected decoder rings into the campaign nomenclature.

So, here we are with citizens who don't know what Jerry Kilgore proposes for the Commonwealth (because he really isn't into telling them). Instead, he poses for a few seconds, does a few very short, well-rehearsed voice-overs, hides from televised debates, and, most recently, tries to weasel out of Sunday's debate. Bobble head dolls, name calling, lying about the Lt. Governor's record. That's child's play. Having fun, even silliness on blogs, is one thing. [Disclaimer: I know. I've been known to wax Seussian --as in Dr. Seuss --when someone like Del. Albo or Sideshow Bob (Del. Bob Marshall) strikes again.}

However, selling voters short with deceptive creations like this is another matter altogether. It demeans voters and our state. It's long past time for Jerry-the-Duck to stop hiding and be honest with Virginians. It's hard to deny: Kilgore as candidate for governor is truly mockworthy. And he's toying with Virginia's future.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bush Defense on Iraq: God Made Me Do It.

Bushworld gets weirder and weirder. Bush's latest defense for his actions regarding Iraq is: God made him do it. Check it out at the BBC.

Bush to Americans: Be Afraid...Again (Twice in One Week?!)

Here we go again. Barely has Bush tried to frighten Americans about a "pandemic" that hasn't materialized, but now we'll have the airwaves tied up tonight with another round of hype. Listen or watch for the text of the speech. He'll use the word terror over and over. And he'll menace with his near growl. The subtext will be: "Be afraid." And Bush will watch eagerly to see if his numbers improved, since he tried to seize the fear index again. More on this topic tomorrow.

The Incredible Shrinking Kilgore

This morning's Roanoke Times' lead editorial weighed in on Jerry Kilgore's increasingly low profile in the Virginia gubernatorial campaign. As the Times points out, the camera-shy Kilgore doesn't even star in the newest of his TV commercials. Over at some conservative Virginia blogs,there's much gushing about how they love that ad. One writer even says that he has yet to find anyone who didn't like it. (I'm guessing there are more than he thinks.) The only thing I like about the ad is that it does nothing to advance the candidacy of Jerry Kilgore. But it's a shameless example of Kilgore's low opinion of the electorate. He seems to think Virginia's voters should see and hear as little of him as possible: You know, silently pose, blue-suited, with his arms crossed a few times. Say little-to-nothing. He barely shows his face in the ad, a metaphor for his entire campaign. Perhaps even Jerry realizes he doesn't seem gubernatorial. And this phantom candidate of a phantom campaign is afraid voters might see the empty suit.

For his ardent supporters,the current line is that opponents of Kilgore are making fun of his SW Virginia accent. This is absurd. We are all Virginians and the majority of Virginians have an accent. But such claims are handy obfuscation, plain and simple. And to malign Kaine supporters is a lot easier than having to have good reasons to articulate why they support their guy. Such maligning is also a convenient way to inject ad-hominum attacks on those of us who speak out. So Jerry can get away with his continuing saga as Jerry-the-Duck. Meanwhile, the real issue of the day for opponents is Kilgore's lack of transparency, his hyper-controlled appearances, his use of the media, his refusal to answer questions, etc.

The latest salvo is that Jerry wants to worm out of the only televised debate planned because he now wants to insert a "no use" restriction into the debate agreement. That would mean that anyone not watching on TV couldn't see the debate (unless they tape, TIVO, or DVR it). And the campaigns couldn't use any of it in their campaign ads. His strategy will make it all the easier to twist and distort Tim Kaine's record, as in the recent gas-tax ad. Kaine has no proposal to raise the gas tax. But Kilgore tries to manipulate this timely issue. The ad claims Virginia is one of the highest gas tax states. It's in the bottom quartile.

If you read the transcript of the Jerry-the-Duck West Virginia debate, or what few clips were available of the untelevised debate with Tim Russert moderating, you'll see why. There were the Virginia Bar and the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce not responding well to Jerry's pathetic Ducking of questions. At the second untelevised debate, occasionally, the audience (and even later news reporters) laughed at, not with, him. So, Virginians are being asked for their vote for this man, even as he pulls a Bush-style cover-up of what should be available voter information. Once again Jerry has studied the White House Play Book and learned to Leave No Information Behind. It's Democracy Upside Down once again.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Big Lie: That "Liberals" Don't Support the Troops

I just got through reading an article over at and it got me to thinking. One of the most absurd and outrageous lies the Cons tell is that "liberals" (which is usually meant to label everyone to the left of Tom Delay) "don't support the troops." In fact, just as there hasn't been a flag burning in the US in decades (despite the Con lie that liberals go around burning it), there haven't been incidents when people didn't support the troops. In reality, even at the height of the Viet Nam war, overwhelmingly, most people --even those against the war--supported the troops. We could distinguish between stupid, "ignorant and deceptive chickenhawk politicians" and the troops. And it was the politicians whom war protesters opposed. Most protestors despised Robert McNamera, who not long ago, in "Fog of War" tells of lessons learned. GOP and media spin notwithstanding, those who did not support those serving were an extremely small minority. For the "troops" weren't seen as that at all, but rather they were our husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, uncles, and friends. Now they could also be the daughters, mothers, sisters, friends, significant others, etc. A smaller number of women served back in the Viet Nam era.

I was not originally against the Viet Nam War, but soon learned we'd been mislead. Many of us were honest enough to confront a president of our own party in 1968. (Where are the Republicans now when the lies have been worse?) It was the pressure we brought to bear on him that forced Lyndon Johnson to resign. I hadn't been involved in politics until then. I was a young wife with two small children. But I found time to do some small things to protest the misuse of our troops and work for change. It was always the troops. How dare Johnson take these lives for granted? But we never, ever, would have turned on our families and friends, or other Americans. They were part of us! Even during the period when I opposed the war, I and hundreds of others stood on shore, cheering as my brother's ship came in into safe harbor from Viet Nam. This was played out as month and after month, and year after year, our loved ones returned. But many of us lost loved ones in those or earlier wars.

War protest has always been about doing what's right by the troops. The Cons can say otherwise until they are --er, well...they can't be blue in the face, cause they can't understand "Blue." But if they even tried, they'd see they are buying into a myth.

But their myth does not get to drive what is defined as supporting the troops. And here's where most of the trouble lies, I believe. Blind rubber stamping war, callously sending them to slaughter for insufficient reason, will never be a requirement. Indeed, I believe that the burdon of proof rests with the those wishing to deploy our national treasure for their political ends. Iraq was never about protecting Americans, only the interests of Big Oil and hegemony. Ignoring this and blindly being yes-persons to such a misuse, sells short the interest of the real freedom (not Bush's fake flauanting of the word) that our military is sworn to protect.

But most of all, if we really support and love them, we will never agree to wreckless foreign policy or approve needless belligerence by hypocritical leaders. Besides, many more Democrats have served in the military than Republicans. The GOP leadership and pundit class has so few who've served it's astonishing how readily they'd commit the lives of others. Only in BUSHWORLD is skipping out on your guard Duty seen as preferable to actually saving lives in war. But, then the Swift Boat "Vets for Truth" were never about truth.

We support the troops by loving family and friends, and even strangers, who serve and working to assure they have what they need. We say: Take care of them when they are sent into harm's way. Don't make them pay for their body armor, send them without it, or supply them with defective vests (as was recently revealed). Treat their medical needs with respect, caring and funding. Don't make them pay their own way home (that has happened). Don't leave them to depend on food stamps. Generally do more for the troops than to Halliburton or Bechtel execs. And never, ever take them for granted.

It's time to stop the knee-jerk psuedo-patriotism which pretends to capture what it means to be an American, but really creates and reacts to stereotypes. We don't have to be told. We already know. Some of the leaders of the other side apparently don't.

"Support our troops. Don't Misuse Them."

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bush: Doing What He Does Best -- Fear Mongering.

His party is falling apart, his policies are bankrupt, and his cronies are falling to investigations and special prosecutors. What's a hapless underachieving President like George Bush to do? He's ramping up the fear again. CNN's "Situation Room" was only too happy to oblige his "be afraid" message. "Prepare for the worst," they said. All because a relatively small number of cases (around 112) have occurred in distant countries.

Last year the me-too panic stricken just about knocked down Grandma to grab flu shots for themselves and their healthy kids. No one was too healthy to lie a about his plight. Many Americans with asthma or COPD, including half a dozen members of my family, run over by the panicked, the greedy, and those who didn't even need shots, for an epidemic that never arrived. Now Bush has revised the criteria for who gets protected (should an avian flu shot be developed). Guess what? Those with lung problems are way down on the list. If you are not a FOG (friend of George) or an insider, no need to apply.

The best indicator of how bad things are is how desperately George W. Bush spreads notions of "freedom," "terror," "epidemic." When the going gets tough, the tough get going and George W. Bush pulls another grandstand. Given his sorry performance recently and the self-aggrandizing way he photo-opped all over America when his failures were obvious, I'm not thinking he's the solution to an hypothetical epidemic anyway. My personal favorite moment was when George W. Bush had the temerity to stand before the UN General Assembly asking other countries to be more transparent. That's, sadly, the funniest thing I've heard all week.

Monday, October 03, 2005

At Last, Someone Gets It: William Rivers Pitt on the Fading Democratic Leadership

Had enough of the Cons blaming some of us for all that's wrong in America? Still stunned by verbal assaults by the folks over at New Republic or the DLC? Guess what? There's more, this time in the person one of our heroes (Barrack Obama), for the idiotic reason that we are appalled at the Roberts confirmation votes by Patrick Leahey, Russ Feingold, et al. While there was much to agree with Obama's diary on DailyKos, there were some real disappointments. Some of us are wondering who's next in the bite-the-hand that works for Dems parade (we work/we get creamed). But there's a ray of hope. Perhaps the most eloquent and passionate articulation of what so many Democrats are feeling is, as the saying goes, "What he said..." And so I turn to William Rivers Pitt, who said it all so much more eloquently than I:

"Matters have become so dicey for the administration that Bush was compelled to convene a counsel of crisis to confront the rising tide. The day after DeLay was indicted, Bush called newly-minted House Majority Leader Roy Blunt, House Speaker Hastert, Senate Majority Leader Frist and several others to the White House for a little chat. The meeting was partially motivated by bedlam within GOP ranks; California Republican David Dreier was supposedly headed for DeLay's seat, but was chopped down in a flurry of confusion which ultimately led to the ascendancy of the right-leaning Blunt. The larger discussion before this meeting, however, may well have been reminiscent of the last counsel held by Roman emperor Honorius as the Visigoths crested the seventh hill.

There has been one consistently missing piece of this puzzle, a piece whose absence would be unutterably galling had that absence not become so drearily predictable. With all that is assaulting the White House, the Republican majority in Congress, and indeed the entire substructure of conservative political philosophy, the absence of a vocal, united, organized Democratic opposition to crystallize the reality of our wretched estate and offer a compelling alternative is, simply, astonishing." William Rivers Pitt. Read More Here.

And so, as you get discouraged that no one gets it, some do. After this November, when (hopefully) we'll have trounced the Republican empty suit running for Virginia's governor, our next great imperative is persuading folks like Obama, who oughta know better than to scapegoat us. Republicans play to their base. Too often, Dems play to--the GOP too. No political party can survive that way. We will survive if enough folks roll up their sleeves to help, but then hold our elected representatives accountable. We'll more-than-survive if courageous Dems like William Rivers Pitt continue to make a difference.

Jerry Kilgore Pumps Gas, Or Is He Full of Hot Air?

There he goes again.... Jerry-the-Duck. He won't debate unless we voters can't hear or see his dismal performance. But he'll pump gas for the benefit of WBDJ7 cameras (tonight's 6:00 PM news)and generally spread a lot of hot air, including the lie that Tim Kaine will raise the gas tax. The Sabbath Gasbags of the Sunday TV punditry circuit have nothing on Ole Jerry-the-Duck.

Just the other day, Kilgore's false claim was debunked by the Virginia Pilot (see yesterday's blog entry). And here he is tonight --showing he can do nothing, but talk senselessly and spread fertilizer. As if the lie wasn't bad enough, then comes a Kilgore ad repeating the lie. When Will Jerry Come Clean?

Sunday, October 02, 2005

News and Observer (Raleigh, NC) Reveals FEMA Debacle (That We'll All Pay For)

When it comes to news of the Bush administrations incompetence, it just gets worse and worse. It seems that FEMA's poor planning and operational processes resulted in $100 million dollars worth of ice being bought for storm ravaged areas...with most of it going to waste. It's almost too much to comprehend.

Truckloads were senselessly diverted all over the place multiple times. On Capitol Hill, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) expressed astonishment, the News and Observer said, that many truckloads ended up in here state, 1600 miles from the hurricane. This is one more illustration of how the Bush administration disrespects our (the taxpayers) investment in America. Read about it here.

Well Said: Recommended Reading

Stop By at blog site: His comments on why he's a liberal are excellent.

And read more about the paper trail leading to Delay's indictment at:

More Kilgore Lies

The Kilgore Lie Meter stands at 10, with 1 meaning the rare telling of a little lie and 10 meaning consistently telling big whoppers. Oil company profits have tripled in the last year. But Kilgore diverts and instead fans the panic over rising prices. Kilgore's ad implies that our energy shortages are not only Tim Kaine's fault, but also would be made worse if he's governor. The shortages are due to national energy policy, increased reliance large gas guzzlers, the squandering of oil on Iraq misadventures, the politics of oil. Ole Jerry is trying to escape the fact that it's HIS SIDE that's in charge of energy policy. And rather than manage energy research appropriately, the GOP-led Congress just passed an energy bill which does more to enrich energy profitable companies than solve our nation's problems.

The Virginian-Pilot's AD-WATCH took on another aspect of Jerry's blatantly fictitious ad. Regarding the state gas tax, Tim Kaine has not supported an increase. Both in 2004 and 2005, Kaine stated that he wouldn't even consider one, unless perhaps, it was targeted by constitutional amendment for transportation. But an increase in gas tax is not proposed or promoted by Tim Kaine. But again, Tim Kaine has not proposed an increase in the gas tax.

Meanwhile, Kilgore's ad lied about another related fact. Virginia's gas tax isn't one of the highest in the nation. It is, According to the Virginia Pilot, in the bottom quartile nationwide.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Tom Delay Is a Hammer, But Is He Also a Ham Sandwich?

Over at, please note the "Deli Defense" cited by Delay and all manner of his apologists. Huffingtonpost features Delay's excusing his indictment with the statement that prosecutors could indict "a ham sandwich." Take a humorous romp through the GOP talking point, turned veritable lunchtime menu.

Also sobering is Jonathan Chait's op-ed piece showing how the new whip isn't much of an improvement and Ari Berman's article on "The Hammer" in The Nation.

Tom Delay: Innocent until proven guilty. He’s entitled to his day in court. But, for anyone following the misadventures of Jack Abramoff, the only question is why did it take so long to indict Delay? The only trouble is, he owns the appellate court so, ultimately, nothing will ever change. With his relentless, dictatorial, and abusive leadership, Delay has destroyed what little was left of bipartisanship. Democrats are shut out. They don’t even get to see legislation manipulatively changed in the night before votes. Votes get called, then postponed, then abruptly recalled when enough Democrats have gone back to their home offices. This is not why we have a Congress—to run roughshod over almost half the country and their representatives. Delay doesn’t even understand the Constitution, which designed government to afford a huge minority of voters their rights of representation. There was a time, when statesmen and women of both parties worked together, drafted legislation together, provided oversite together, and investigated together. It’s much rarer now.

Delay’s illegal redistricting, just after a lawful census-based redistricting, could only be accomplished by a stacked appellate court and ideologues so entrenched that they can’t even see how they harm America. In a dramatic abuse of power, grandstanding Delay used the dept of Homeland Security to find Texas Dems who left the state. Interesting how sometimes he wants Dems present and sometimes not. He thinks he gets to decide when. Of course, by his compatriots on the right, the indictment is all “partisan.” I think it’s partisan giving the exterminator a free pass. The ditto-heads on the right ought to squish him like the bugs he so aggressively fought. Forget the legal issues. Why do they choose this man to lead? It’s a systemic defect. Who’s harming America? This man and his fawning media servants, who can do nothing but recite GOP talking points supporting the guy. He’s such a nice guy, don’t you know?

NY York Times Reports Bush Administration Broke the Law
Today's New York Times reports that federal auditors ruled that the Bush administration broke the law when in bought favorable news coverage. This is one more illustration of corruption coming from BUSCHCO. Takes on Bill Bennett's Outrageous Statement

Check out Raising Kaine for it's excellent article about how the smug, pseudo-virtuist Bill Bennett has scored a new low in punditry. Said Bennett, former Secretary of Education under Ronald Reagan and Drug "Czar" under George H. W. Bush, on his talk show: "...I do know that it's true that if you wanted to reduce crime..You could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down." He did add that would be "reprehensible." But the attributing of crime to race, rather than poverty, shows how little knowledge about the subject and how little virtue Bill Bennett actually has. The ghost of Bennett's supposed "white supremacy" rides again.

It defies human, religious and American values to scapegoat the poor. And it defies the teachings of most American and world religions to speak of race this way. With some of the wealthiest corporations not even allowing their working-poor employees a lunch break, much less a living wage or health insurance, the "virtue" of some Republican mouthpieces and policy makers --and more than a few CEOs -- have much maturing to do. How anyone can buy a book on "virtues" from that whited sepulcher is a mystery. Add Bennet to the list of "Republicans Who are Hurting America." It's a very long list.