Wednesday, May 31, 2006

132 Strong, They Turned Out to Hear James Webb

132 enthusiastic voters packed the Blacksburg Public Library tonight to hear James Webb make his case for the US Senate. They liked what they heard and showed it with numerous rounds of applause.

Given the recent deluge of negative attacks and spin by Harris Miller, a few folks came with a bit of reserve. But most left impressed, enthusiastic, and with Webb signs to post in their yards.

The evening featured Del. James Shuler, who endorsed James Webb and introduced him to the audience. Also announcing endorsements were Shuler's highly regarded predecessor, former Del. Joan Munford and Montgomery County, VA's, most beloved Democrat, former Virginia State Senator Madison Marye, whose wife, Charlotte, also took home a Webb sign.

PS Rather than estimate the crowd, we actually counted. So, naysayers can play their discounting (underestimating) games, but we've got the numbers. I'd say the turnout was pretty darn impressive for a small town in SW Virginia. The northern part of the "Fighting 9th" sure looks like Webb country.

I've Had It!

I've had at least four robo-calls (looks like I got more while away for over a week), one push poll, and in the last 24 hours two mailings full of misleading information against James Webb. Let's talk about the latest. "James Webb continues to praise Ronald Reagan's Republican values," claims the one-page (two-sided) brochure. The brochure tries to give the impression that James Webb supports the Bush agenda.

Ironically, James Webb has been out in front for several years condemning Bush policy. Where was Harris Miller? Oh, yes. He was wiping out our jobs and offshoring them, eliminating legitimate vote-count auditability, ramping down benefits for American workers and assuring workers of third world countries work in sweat shops. James Webb gets that trickle-down "economics" doesn't work. Harris Miller has much to learn.

I voted for Ronald Reagan when he ran for freaking governor (the first time). I was a new young voter. Sue me. I was an idiot to do it. I never voted for a Republican again, except to cross over in one GOP primary (1988). (I voted Dem in the general election.) We learn. Webb learns too (though a careful read of his writings shows he is more thoughtful and more accomplished than Miller could ever be on the issues). Instead Miller lobs emotional mortars.

We know our leaders by what they have advocated and whether they stood with courage on the right issues at the right time. James Webb did. Despite the show, Miller is a poor excuse for a Democrat. If Harris Miller wins the primary (and if he does it will only be because people believe his vicious deceptions), I will write in James Webb. Miller doesn't have a prayer, anyway.

Harris Miller will do nothing for Virginians and Americans and everything for corporations. So, what's the diff. We couldn't count on him when the chips were down during the past few years. We won't be able to count on him in the future. Harris Miller has presented the divisive, highly corporatized, campaign that every Democrat should reject. James Webb, however, we should be so lucky to have him for US Senator.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Let's Make Sure That George Allen's Worst Nightmare Comes True"
-- Donald McEachin
With that statement, Donald McEachin endorsed James Webb today. Donald McEachin was first elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 1996. He is a lifetime member of the NAACP, the Virginia State Bar and the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association. He represents Charles City, Henrico, and Prince George Counties and the cities of Hopewell and Richmond. In 2001, he won the Democratic Nomination for Attorney General of Virginia.

Don McEachin joins numerous state and national Democratic leaders who want James Webb as our candidate this November. Only then can we defeat George Allen. James Webb really is, as Time magazine put it, George Allen's worst nighmare.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Stay Tuned for Surprise Webb Endorsements in Montgomery County (VA)

Montgomery County (VA) prepares to welcome James Webb this Wednesday night, May 31st. Henry Tieleman of Democracy Prevails PAC announced, "At 6:30 James Webb is scheduled to arrive at the Blacksburg Library (on Draper Rd. and Miller St., diagonally across from Town Hall) for a "greet and meet" session until 7:00 p.m. At that time James will be introduced by Jim Shuler - provided the latter is not involved in legislative business in Richmond."

Montgomery County Democrats love Del. Jim Shuler. So, his welcoming James Webb comes as great news. But there's even more. Stay tuned for some surprise endorsements. But I'm not telling (yet).

Saturday, May 20, 2006

"Over the Hedge" in Blacksburg

[Preface: I was thinking about the pretend news we've been getting and the feel-good fluff that passes as news. I just wrote about the RT and its contribution to such silliness. And I thought it would be fun to write a parody of what that paper (and many other news outlets)deem newsworthy these days. Here goes.]

I thought about going to see "Over the Hedge." But it would be too painful to watch. We live "Over the Hedge" every day. Our backyard lives go something like this recent day. "You know it's a bad day when you're getting the 'finger' from a squirrel as it tears up your garden," said my husband. (I can't stop laughing. Even he laughs.)

"You put the spinach in too soon," I advised. This is not the best thing to say when your guy has just sewn the seed. "Nah, it's not too soon," says the boss. "Early spinach can go in much sooner." (I know I'm wrong here. And I truly know little to nothing about growing vegetables.) "Besides," I say, "we --I admit this is the 'imperial we'--forgot to get the marigolds for the garden perimeter." That usually discourages smaller wildlife somewhat.

"I planted green onion seeds instead," he replied. But the onions are only seeds, not large bedding plants, I thought. And when we use them, they seem to work. At this point I don't really want to be right. The poor guy loves his garden and lovingly tends to it year after year. It makes me smile to see how much he loves caring for the yard. You really have to love it.

With these varmints, you have to either laugh or cry. Who could forget his previous battles with critters? The neighbors' cats do their search-and-destroy, year after year tearing up flower beds, and even some years the vegetable patch. We hope they like the chili pepper we sprinkled in the garden, just for them (Mmmmmmm); but, unfortunately, the squirrels aren't buying it.

The bold and prolific squirrels must know George W. Bush because they've called their initiative: Leave No Flower Bed or Flower Pot Behind. (The cats' initiative is called: Leave No Turd Behind.") And sure enough the squirrels had already started to mess with our resident gardner. "That squirrel was just lying there on his back among the seeds I planted, taunting me, he said." "It was wiggling around having a great time, uprooting all my work."

One year (and this is a true story), bunnies (or rather cottontails) were the scourge. They holed up under a neighbors deck. And every time they thought someone wasn't looking they scrambled over to exfoliate the lettuce, and even the peas. They taunted the hubby so badly that I thought my resident crop tender would give up suburban gardening once and for all. Eventually, the "bunnies" got so used to seeing him standing in the window and going "shoo" (how I now regret making him sit through "Out of Africa" that last time), they came to expect him. The little booger noses would eat and eat, and he would say "shoo."

One day a "bunny" did his strip-the-garden thing. Then it turned toward the house and scampered up two the window, where it just sat staring at the house until my husband appeared in the window to shoo him away. You've got to wonder, just who is "conditioning" whom here?

But I digress. Squirrels are still frolicking in our yard. And we've been bested this season. Maybe next year. The hubby is now making me a chocolate cake (what a guy!). And I think this is pretty terrific...far better than spinach.

They Think We Can't Handle It: So, It's No News for Us!

The news division of the Roanoke Times (contrasted to the editorial staff, which actually does it's job) increasingly dishes out short wire-service blurbs, fluff-as-news, and downright neglect of important issues. How bout giving us more detail about bills before Congress or the House of Delegates? How about better coverage of the primary? How bout giving us more than stadium issues?

Today we see fiction-as-news or celebrity of the trivial played out as if it were news. Three our of four front-page stories are utterly trivial. First there's the non-news that "Moms Get Support." This surely belongs in the extra section. Next "DaVinci protest not stated in code" and "Hackers Unleash Fraud Upon Ugly Dog Contest."

A look at page two is even worse. First there's "O.C. character breathes her last." That's right, page two is reserved for us to learn a fictional prime-time soap opera character died. Then there's "Prince Charles, sons, admit to indulgences in reality TV." It's now news that someone watches TV.

We also learn of "Another mishap with singer's baby." Here, we learn there wasn't a mishap. The actress slipped, but nothing happened and no one was hurt. But the motherhood police are activated anyway. (I am no fan of Britney, but this is ridiculous.) And then there's that the runaway bride's (of last year's fame) relationship "may be called off for good." The outrageous media-seeker who disappeared and made a pathetic celebrity of herself is in the news again. Please.

All of this is distraction from news warranting front-page coverage. The administration continues in its merry unraveling of everything we hold dear. And the print, radio and televised media pretend it's all about fun and games.

Amazing History of the Not-So-Amazing Harris Miller

This is a very well-researched post. Take a look.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

New York Times Admits, Avian Flu "Waning" in Asia

More evidence of previous media manipulation and hyping of the bird flu so-called pandemic appeared today in an article by by Donald G. McNeil, Jr. says:

Even as it crops up in Europe and Africa, the bird flu that
raised fears of a human pandemic has been largely snuffed
out in Southeast Asia.

Read more here.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Media Run Wild: And While We're On the Subject of "Faux" News...

Here's an article from Think Progress, which shows just how brainless FOX reproters, anchors and pundits can be.

Hillary Clinton and the 30 Pieces of Silver

In a short-take this morning, the Roanoke Times cites a piece in The Financial Times. It looks as if Hillary Clinton is moving even further to the right. Rupert Murdoch, mogul behind FOX (FAUX) News and a vast right-wing media empire, will host a fundraiser for Clinton. This apparent desperation on her part is nothing short of twisted and raises the question, how low can she go?

As she morphs to the right of Joe Lieberman, and seeks photo-op after photo-op with her new GOP buddies, she has sold out on too many issues to count. But this is too much, even for her. Democrats need the anti-Hillary. And we need it soon.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Robots for Miller

As another blogger has noted (read it here), Virginia goes further west than Roanoke and much further south. But Harris Miller doesn't seem to think so. So far, he's only sent a family surrogate to our neck of the woods.

And then there are the robo-calls, as Neal2008 points out. It seems only robots support him around here (Montgomery County, VA) too. So far, I have had at least three (not sure if any more came when I was out-of-state in part of April on family business)such calls. I've hung up on each of them. But Miller is hereby on notice.

Harris Miller: I will blog every single robo-call from now on. I am sick of them and you. And should another push call come to my number (the past one was a pathetic disgrace), I'll file my own FEC complaint. Thank you very much.

Mark Warner at James Webb Fundraiser

Raising Kaine reports on the funraiser for James Webb with special guest, Mark Warner. Read it here.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

End GOP Congressional Machiavellianism

Budget makers should give us truth in budgeting and lawmaking. Instead we get "Clear Skies" (more pollution), "No Child Left Behind" (de-fund public schools and make profits for Bush's brother and others in the test scoring industry), the "Patriot Act" (unpatriotic undermining of the Constitution), "Pension Protection Act" (undermines pension) and budget making gone amok. There are many other examples. It's one thing to use effective PR and another to outright lie. Defrauding voters ought to be prohibited. But today it's business as usual.

To make matters worse, legislators frequently mislead concerning with what a vote of an opponent actually meant. If one voted no, did he or she vote yes for an alternate version? Everyone heard the oughtright bull that John Kerry was "against" body armor. He didnt' help matters when he said he was for the $87 billion spending bill before he was against it. But the fact remains, the GOP misled the public. John Kerry favored body armor. He just supported an alternate version to bring it to servicemen and women. It's unethical to misrepresent how the person voted on the issue. These are just a few of the perversions of lawmaking Republicans have had Machiavellian fun at our expense.

Democrats ought to shame GOPhers into reforming the legislative process. To that end, I propose the following Eight Commandments of Honest Legislation:

--The law title should say what it actually means, not be a cute acronym for the doing the opposite.
--Votes should be announced on a schedule and not changed or rigged to ram through a bill when a key voter for the other side leaves town or goes home for the evening.
--Substantive changes should not be added in the middle of the night before a vote.
--Lawmakers must be permitted to read the legislation before they vote. These days the opposition party isn't necessarily allowed to read the legislation before a vote.
--Lobbyists and contractors should not be permitted to write law or regulations.
--Laws should not be loaded with irrelevant legislation, which wouldn't pass is it saw the light of day.
--All votes should be roll call votes.
--Election opponents must not misrepresent the adversaries record. And if they do should have to purchase television ads in which they mea culpa and come clean.

Let's hold the GOP members in Congress (and their Democratic counterparts) feet to the fire. Legislative reform would go a long way to removing citizen cynicism and apathy. And it would make for better government.

Fearing Fear and ABC's New Low in Exploitation

A letter-to-the-editor (LTE) writer, Debora F. Warren of Blacksburg, wrote in Wednesday's Roanoke Times ( that the only thing we have to fear is the fear-mongers. Warren suggests that the nation's fatalistic fear leads us to fear entire groups of people, see terrorists around every corner, and WMDs too. Indeed, such a distorted world view and an exaggerated notion of the real risk to most Americans, has driven hyper-aggressive policy, and the ill-conceived and needless "preumptive" war in Iraq, which is alienating even our allies. Warren reminds us of the famous FDR mantra, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." That seems a caution worth repeating.


The Bush administration knows that fear begets fear. This time, the administration and its enablers at ABC trumped up the fear with their "Bird Flu in America" fiction, and we now know that should fiction become even partly real, we are on our own. It hasn't been enough for Americans to suffer the Bush manipulation of under-protection before 9-11 and hyper "protection" afterward. Of course, Bush has also increased the risk of terrorism as he pumps up everyone's fear of "terror." We've experienced a barrage of phony alerts in recent years, conniving ups and downs of the terrorism alert system (a childish color code some contractor-crony probably got millions for), and the trotting out of OBL tapes whenever things are going badly for Bush, or he feared he'd lose in Nov., 2004.

All the new fear-mongering is no doubt connected to the precipitous decline is Bush's popularity. The only thing the public seems to respond to is fear. And on cue Bush will either trot out a "pandemic," tapes of "Al Zargawi" (who, it seems from the latest tape, can't even fire a gun) or OBL, as he did right before Nov, as He did in 2004.

At a time when politicians and media cry-wolfers are once again trying to get Americans to fall in line, first because we fear terrorism, and now because we fear bird flu, the most responsible thing was NOT to watch the ABC made-for-television movie. Denying the show ratings and the sponsor's an audience seems the minimum we could do. The next best thing is to tell everyone you know the truth: So far bird flu has not morphed into a virus spread by person-to-person contact. Only those handling birds or working in close proximity to birds have caught the disease. And in a world of billions, the risk is rather small. Only about 100 people worldwide have died thus far. That didn't stop the ABC ghouls from creating nightmarish scenario of America run amok, bodies everywhere, people getting shot, every person for himself, and God save us all. The message: "Be afraid. Be very afraid." The network ought to be ashamed.

Already we had had it up to "here" with "bird flu." It's bad enough that Bush exploits this hypothetical risk, but he has his band of merry television execs to help him hype fear even further. Every network has irresponsibly hyped bird flu in it's nightly pseudo-news. Cable "news" networks sandwich in bird flu stories with the latest escapades of Tom and Katie. But ABC as stooped to new lows.

Viewers of ABC's pathetic bird flu fear-mongering Tuesday night were treated to a pseudo ticker-tape running how many millions had "died." Concentration-camp-like fences cordoned off entire neighborhoods so no one could go in or out. Conveniently, the story writers feign this was the governor of Virginia's doing. People are killed, bodies are being burned to stem the "contagion." You get the hysterical drift. This might as well be right out of a Judith Miller germ tirade. I'm surprised she isn't out in the media once again drumming up the terror for the Bush administration.

And as fiction morphs into reality, the Associate Press ran a companion story (duly and parasitically noted on ABC's website) giving at least some credence to the fiction because it is at least a wake up call. The story did quote an expert who "frets" that a disservice may have been done by misrepresenting the facts and creating an exaggerated horror-film version to confuse everyone. Read it here.

But, implying inevitability, the writer showcased the "wake up call" comment more prominently than the reality check. Some wake up call. The Bush administration recently announced that every town in America is on its own. But it has a plan to triage (no doubt cronies will be first in line), isolate and sequester them. Whether or not a bird flu "pandemic" ever materializes, we can count on Bush to figure a way to exploit it again for his own purposes. And that is something to worry about.

To register a complaint: Go here. ABC plans to reair this travesty during, are you ready for this (?), sweeps week. I guess we weren't afraid enough for them. For shame to ABC execs, Bush-enablers all.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Seven Senators or Former Senators Endorse James Webb
Raising Kaine posts that seven senators or former senators have endorsed James Webb:

Dodd, Durbin, Johnson, Reid, Salazar, Cleland and Daschle.

Read about it here!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

No Contest: Why I'll Vote for James Webb

[Preface: Last week, My husband and I drove to Roanoke to hear James Webb. Over a hundred enthusiastic folks turned out to hear bluegrass music and, especially, James Webb speak. When I shook hands with Webb that day, I told him I am another blogger for Webb. And while that's true, the only trouble is that I haven't put my thoughts, and hence, my endorsement, onto my blog yet. Truth be told, I haven't blogged about anything in weeks. There's good reason for that, as my previous announcement indicates. It's been a very difficult couple of months for my family. However, last week, I knew I'd have to summon up some words to start blogging again. So here goes. ]

It isn't that I am just now thinking about a James Webb candidacy. In fact, at first, I admit was skeptical. Months ago (perhaps back in Dec.), I expressed some misguided reservations about his candidacy, mostly in light of some disinformation spewed by a pro-Miller blogger and by Miller's supporters. So, I too raised a couple of questions about James Webb. BUT I was in a word -- WRONG about all my major concerns. And the remaining minor one (about the what I considered a needless dichotomy of the 60s generation) is pretty trivial. So, despite my early misgivings about whether Webb was a "real Democrat," for about these past two months, I have believed James Webb is not just the right candidate, but also a stronger protector of Democratic values than his opponent.

It should also be noted, that I am not either a paid staff member or volunteer for the Webb campaign. I obviously don't speak for James Webb or anyone else but myself. But the Webb race is just about the only thing giving me political hope and keeping me active in the Democratic party at this point. And that's the beauty of his campaign, really. He can bridge differences and bring back disaffected folks like me and also so-called Reagan Democrats on the other side of the Democratic spectrum. While mythology suggests that only Reagan Dems have been sitting out the Democratic Party table, the truth is that there are many, many Democrats, former Democrats, and independents, who have been sitting out. We have here a unique opportunity to bring them back.

James Webb

James Webb, former Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan, has nontheless been a Democrat most of his life. He's also been a Marine, war hero, consultant, writer, speaker, and statesman.

What Webb Stands For
James Webb runs because "our ideals have been placed at risk...too many wrong choices have been made, too much is at stake, and the time has come to change course," (James Webb, Roanoke VA 4/26/06). James Webb believes in the Marine creed "to take care of your people," an idea, he says, applies to all Americans. He was an early and outspoken critic of Bush's plan to wage war in Iraq. He had the courage to express this view when precious few Democrats had the spine to do so. As important as that issue is, however, there is much more for Democrats to appreciate in the candidate. Here's a sampler of what he said last week:

--"Never send them (troops) into harm's way unless you can justify their risk, and are willing to share that risk. Believe in them. Support them, and never waste a life. Any Marine will tell you this cuts across political boundaries, racial boundaries, and class boundaries. It holds us together and gets us through."

--"Our economy is in trouble. Our tax policies make no sense. Our country is breaking into three pieces, with people in the top half living in a luxury never before dreamed of, even as our middle class sees its jobs being outsourced overseas, their health care slipping away, our public education systems declining, and the people at the bottom are becoming a permanent underclass."

--"This administration's inability to lead fairly and creatively was revealed in the humiliating wake of Hurricane Katrina. Our trust in political leaders is at an all-time low. Why? Because we are in the hands of people who follow no creed; they speak to you of values, but they know nothing other than political expedience and blind loyalty to a money-drenched machine."

--This administration, which mouths the words of limited government has ballooned the national debt, launched a program of unauthorized domestic spying, and sent us into a war wholly unrelated to our national interest. This is not limited government." Now they want to tell you how to live your private life."

--The other party has enriched itself at the public's expense. It has grown corrupt." The Republican Senate has rubber-stamped this administration's bad ideas for six years. They misled us into war and the Senate rolled over...and keeps rolling over--when Dick Cheney picks up the phone and twists a few arms on Capitol Hill. And it's not just Iraq."

--"They've busted the budget so badly that the Republican-controlled Senate, including my opponent (George Allen)--has to keep voting to raise the debt limit so they can spend, spend, spend."

--"They've let drug company lobbyists write a prescription drug plan for our seniors--and the drug companies are going to make billions from this law."

--They've talked endlessly about a dream-world of "free trade" while year after year their policies continue costing American jobs.

--"The actions by greedy international corporations that claimed on paper to be American are amoral, if not immoral."

"We have let down our soldiers, indeed all Americans, by the unjustified war against Iraq."

Webb believes that solutions will be found using a progressive approach to policy that prioritizes fairness and justice, focused on four major themes (the following are from his website):

--Refocusing America's foreign and defense policies in a way that truly protects our national interests and seeks harmony where they are not threatened.

--Repairing the country's basic infrastructure, which has eroded badly over the past decade, and developing more creative ways to assist disaster-stricken areas such as those in New Orleans and along the Gulf coast.

--Reinstituting notions of true fairness in American society, including issues of race, class, and economic advantage; and

--Restoring the Constitutional role of the Congress as an equal partner, reining in the unbridled power of the Presidency.

Correcting the Disinformation

The smears have gone on too long. Push-polls, supporters of another candidate, and the GOP have all misrepresented Webb's viewpoints. It's time not only to set the record straight, but for Virginians to rally with James Webb, an outstanding American, Virginian, and -- yes--Democrat. He is pro-choice, against the so-called Marriage Amendment, but for civil unions. And he rejects the federal government micro-managing our personal lives. He's for equal opportunity for all. However, there's a contrived (by others) controversy brewing about his stance on affirmative action. But according to the Roanoke Times,

"Webb said he believes affirmative action is rooted in the 13th Amendment and Civil Rights Act of 1866, and as such it should be reserved for blacks. However, he said, in recent years it's been diversified to include other disadvantaged minority groups. If that's the case, Webb said, it should also include "white cultures that have had disadvantages as well."

I can see no reason why the disadvantaged from Appalachia shouldn't also be a priority. But most notably, Webb also wants to have the discussion about how pols are wedging the two groups (southern whites and African Americans) and bring both groups together to work toward greater fairness for all. When folks start using divisiveness and litmus tests for who's a Democrat and who isn't, it's time to look deeper. Webb's primary opponent would have you believe James Webb's credentials as a Democrat are dubious, all the while hoping we don't know the following. Harris Miller:

--supported the war against Iraq. His position today is barely distinguishable from George W. Bush's. He supports no timetable and considers those who do "cutting and running." We've heard such White House spin before.
--supports extending the Bush tax cuts
--actively promoted offshoring of US jobs (called that good for us).
--opposes an auditable paper trail (he represented Diebold among other high-tech companies).
--would "pull the switch myself" on the electric chair.
--would "treat criminals like criminals," which he faslely claims the Democratic Party doesn't do.
--would confirm Bush's Supreme Court nominees.
--would support the renewal the PATRIOT Act.
--privatize federal jobs.
--opposes a "national, single payer system" for health care
--gave money to Dennis Hastert and other right-wingers.

So, it's not a good idea for Miller folks to instigate a litmus test. They just might lose. Quite simply, there is only one person who can beat George Allen and that person is James Webb. The beauty is, however, that in choosing Webb, we are NOT settling. We are getting the most qualified, best candidate of the three (in the primary and general election), and the stronger Democrat.

His op-eds, articles and speeches indicate that in him we have a statesman. His views on war and peace, foreign policy, economic policy, and civil liberties are worth every Virginians serious consideration. His review of the book, The New American Militarism, should be a must-read for Senatorial Democrats, who've lost their way. Is it any wonder that statesmen and war critics such as Commander-in-Chief of US Central Command, General Anthony Zinni; US Rep. John Murtha; four Star General Joseph Hoar, also a former Commander in Chief of the US Central Command, have endorsed James WEbb? Already, broad ranging additional endorsements have made their way into the media: Former Gov. and Senator Bob Kerrey; Gen. Wesley Clark; Chap Peterson; former Congresswoman and State Senator, Leslie Byrne (does anyone believe Byrne would support anyone who doesn't advocate for the equality for women and fair treatment for minorities and labor?. Additionally, Public officials across Virginia, at every level of local government have weighed in as well. A clue about the excitement he has evoked in Democratic circles is that now the national Democratic party leaders are beginning to consider Virginia in play.

Webb stands for honesty in government, Constitutional and lawful governing, service to country, care for those you represent. Call me also "Born Fighting." Personally, I don't want to vote for any more Dems who cave in on every Bush excess or rubber stamp Bush's many misdeeds and abuses. And thus, I can't support one who lacked the the courage to stand up, speak out, and tell the truth about Iraq and everything else going on in this country. Timeliness is everything. James Webb was there when we needed him. And he'll be there for us when we need him in the future. James Webb is the candidate for US Senate from Virginia.