Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Worth a Read: On "Trickle Up Economics"

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Monday, June 19, 2006

George Bush Tells 7% of the Population They Can't Be Happy.

That's it in a nutshell. George W. Bush knows there weren't the bigoted votes to pass the Protect Nothing Amendment in the Senate, so he grandstands promoting the hate-enshrined in the so-called Marriage Protection Act. While George W. Bush pretends gay marriage hurts families (I say it makes families), he continues actually hurting American families with his policies: the economy has made little progress since he took office in 2000. The recession following 9-11 was due to his neglect in securing the nation and delayed response after the first attack. He promotes policies which cripple families earning power, increased the ranks of the poor and homeless, deregulation which wiped out California rate-payers and the state treasury. He continues rewarding off-shorers and "global outsourcers" or "global sourcers" (doublespeak for either off-shoring or importing people to take jobs from US workers who must train their replacements). In Iraq, the giveaway of our tax dollars goes unabated. And he takes money out of your pocket and mine to give to the wealthiest 1%. Rather than simplify and make fairer the tax code, Bush has added 10,000 pages codifying more giveaways, shelters and loopholes for the rich.

Meanwhile the purveyors of hate grandstand to distract in statehouses all over America. No "Marriage Amendment" is so blatantly meddlesome and despicable as the one designed in the dark cesspool of the radical right Virginia GOP. It's not bad enough that these buffoons also are quite literally banning happiness. They go further. They ban civil unions as well. But there's even more. They include language so vague it will threaten legal arrangements by other than married couples. Imagine the possibilities: Couples living together suddenly might not be able to enter into legal agreements (i.e., leases); family members who aren't married might not be able to live under the same roof; college students may have trouble legally living with other college students. And more will join the ranks of the uninsured. Talk about unintended consequences! But the legislators don't care. These lawmakers are actually family nihilists. They'd rather divide and isolate Americans like the bullies these legislators are. And they are decidedly irreligious in their hatred.

I have yet to uncover one way in which a gay couple has any bearing whatsoever on my marriage. However my marriage stacks up is my and my husband's doing, not anyone else's. I can only conclude that these are miserable people who want something or someone to blame (and pay) for their misery. Instead of working on their marriages, and trying to do better each day, they conclude it must be something "out there" apart from themselves responsible for all problems.

Gay marriage hurts no one. But it helps 7% of the nation (as we near the 300 million mark, that's potentially making 21 million people happy). Imagine--making 21 million people, who've done nothing to anyone except want to love and be happy. Gays are born gay. And for those of us who believe in a higher being, that means we should afford them our respect as God's creation. Meanwhile, the lunatics howl at the moon like the mean spirited people they are. An acronym summarizes what their mission should be it: MYOB, butt out, put your own houses in order. You can do a whole lot more to "support marriage" by doing your level best with your own.

The Task Ahead (With Humor)

If you ever doubted that Congress is within our grasp, just take a look at the quart-low Congressman from Georgia, who recently guested on "The Colbert Report."

If this is what we are up against in Nov., we will kick their butts. From his Better-Know-a-District (Congressman) comes a great clip and a must see.

But before you watch, if you didn't see the June 14th segment already), promise not to take things for granted. We have to work as if bozozs like this are not on the ballot. In other words, we should work our tails off anyway. Here's the link...


Monday, June 12, 2006

Raising Kaine's 25 Reasons to Vote for Webb

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Virginia Needs this Fighting Democrat

by US Senator John Kerry:

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When the Chips are Down, Leaders Lead

Leadership is the forging of a joint effort by the interaction of leaders and followers. The best leaders understand they are nothing without followers and that followers drive leadership as much as leaders do. The best leaders are not only interactionists, but also tranformational ones, who improve lives, whether in the workplace or in the broader context. Only James Webb gets it.

James Webb runs because thousands signed on in the effort to draft him. Democrats of every persuasion, from conservative to liberal, united to endorse and elect the one candidate who is fresh, insightful, courageous, a political Renaissance man for our party, state and nation. As a marine, a war hero, cabinet Secretary, literature teacher, congressional aid, lawyer, journalist, writer, speaker, statesman, this man has ably served in various leadership roles throughout his life.

James Webb runs because he wants something better for us all, not just Diebold (for whom Miller lobbied and opposed an auditable paper trail for election machines)! James Webb knows that off-shoring and outsourcing for the purpose of driving down wages is neither necessary nor good for us, as Miller claimed before Congress on behalf of Microsoft and other high-tech companies. Webb understands that call center jobs don't replace the jobs of programmers, financial analysts, and other good-paying jobs lost so CEOs can have even golder parachutes.

We must take back our country from the hacks and lobbyists, like Harris Miller, who'd enrich themselves and their cronies at our expense. Only James Webb strongly opposed Bush’s tax cuts and economic policies. Having previously supported the cuts, Harris Miller now feigns opposition.

James Webb runs to stand up to the excesses of the Bush administration -- its wrongful, misguided war (which Webb opposed from the beginning), its abuse of Constitutional power, its upending the balance of power between three branches of government, and its unbelievable war against its own citizenry, from whom the power to govern legitimately derives.

The surest test of a leader is whether he stood strong when it was risky to do so. James Webb did, even as many Democrats with longer histories in our party failed us, and even as Harris Miller self-servingly supported much of the Bush agenda, until he needed primary support.

Author Thomas Frank and others have written convincingly about how Republicans employed the so-called Southern Strategy to frighten voters into voting against their better interests. It's wrong and it's time politicians stop driving wedges between us and start working for us. Ironically, Harris Miller has sent an onslaught of brochures and robo-calls, each maliciously contorting James Webb’s positions on subjects likely to upset natural Democratic constituencies, particularly women and minorities, and each masking that, were the two stacked up on their positions side-by-side, James Webb is the populist candidate who will work the hardest for economic and civic fairness for minorities, women, and all our citizens.

Who are endorsing James Webb? They are heroes like Gen. Anthony Zinni and Gen. Joseph Hoar, both former commanders of US Central Command, and who also told the truth about Iraq. Endorsers also include former presidential nominee, Sen. John Kerry; Allied Commander Gen. Wesley Clark; Sen. Christopher Dodd; Sen. Debbie Stabenow, Sec. of the Democratic Senate Conference; Sen. Tim Johnson; Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid; former Senate Majority (and Minority) leader Tom Daschle; former Sen. Max Cleland; former Sen. Bob Kerrey; former Senator US Rep. John Murtha; former US Rep. Leslie Byrne; Virginia Sen. Phil Puckett; former Virginia Sen. Madison Marye; Del. Jim Shuler; Del. Don McEachin; former Democratic Whip in the House of Delegates, Chap Peterson, and numerous others.

George Allen is George Bush’s political clone, supporting virtually every wrongful decision Bush has made. Miller-time is just Bush-lite. Polls show that Americans want a new direction for our country. We want honesty, diplomacy as the first (not the last) resort, a government that serves us and not the other way around, economic fairness, universal health care, fair elections (with auditable vote count), and a government that stays out of our private business and homes. One June 13th there is only one candidate who will steer our course in a better direction, James Webb.

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Friday, June 02, 2006

It's official: John Kerry Endorses James Webb for Senate

Read more, including the press release, here.

John Kerry Set to Endorse James Webb

First "Not Larry Sabato" and then "Raising Kaine" blogs reveal that John Kerry is set to endorse James Webb. There's been a lot of good news on James Webb's endorsement front. But the endorsement by John Kerry, combined with the following, shows just how many prominent Democrats believe James Webb is the strongest DEMOCRAT to beat George Allen.

Here are Webb's previous endorsements:

Endorsements for James Webb:

Virginia Public Officials:

• Former VA Congresswoman and ‘05 Democratic Lt. Governor nominee Leslie Byrne
• Retired VA Congressman Owen Pickett
• Democratic Congressional Nominee Al Weed
• Former Democratic Whip of the Virginia House of Delegates Chap Petersen
• Commonwealth Senator Phil Puckett
• Commonwealth Senator Patsy Ticer
• Commonwealth Delegate and ‘01 Democratic Attorney General nominee Donald McEachin
• Commonwealth Delegate Jim Shuler
• Roanoke County Clerk of the Circuit Court Steve McGraw
• Roanoke County Commissioner of Revenue Nancy Horn
• Roanoke County Sheriff Gerald Holt
• Dickenson County Commissioner of the Revenue Ronnie Robbins
• Charlottesville Councilor-Elect Dave Norris
• Page County Treasurer C.R. Suddith
• Washington County Treasurer Fred Parker
• Former Commonwealth Senator Emilie Miller
• Former Commonwealth Senator Madison Marye
• Former Commonwealth Delegate Joan Munford
• Former Commonwealth Delegate David Brickley
• Former Commonwealth Delegate Marian Van Landingham
• Prince William County Democratic Committee Finance Chair Harry Wiggins
• Arlington County Board Member Jay Fisette
• Arlington County Board Member Barbara Favola
• Arlington County School Board Member Ed Fendley
• Arlington County School Board Member Mary Hynes
• Arlington County School Board Member Libby Garvey
• Arlington County Treasurer Frank O’Leary
• Arlington County Commissioner of Revenue Ingrid Morroy
• Former Fairfax County Supervisor Rufus Phillips
• Fairfax County School Board Member Janet Oleszek
• Fairfax County School Board Member Catherine Belter
• Former Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Member Lilla Richards
• Alexandria Vice Chairman of the School Board Charles Wilson

National Elected Officials:

• Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid
• Former Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle
• Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin
• Senator Christopher Dodd, former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee
• Senator Debbie Stabenow, Secretary of the Democratic Senate Conference
• Senator Ken Salazar
• Senator Tim Johnson
• Former Senator Max Cleland
• Former U.S. Senator and Member of 9/11 Commission Bob Kerrey
• Congressman John Murtha

Retired United States Military Officials:

• Retired Army General and ‘04 Democratic Presidential candidate Wesley Clark
• Retired USMC General and former Commander of U.S. Central Command Joseph Hoar
• Retired USMC General and former Commander of U.S. Central Command Tony Zinni
• Retired USMC Lt. General and former Commander of Operations, J-3 Staff Gregory Newbold
• Retired USMC Lt. General Frank Petersen, the highest-ranking African American in USMC history


• Laborers’ International Union (LIUNA)
• Sheet Metal Workers International Association
• Vietnamese-American Veterans Coalition

Senior Members of Sen. Chuck Robb’s Staff:

• Tom Lehner – Chief of Staff (1993-2001), Sen. Robb
• Susan Platt – Campaign Manager, Robb for Senate ‘94
• Susan Albert Carr – Scheduler, Gov. Robb; Legislative Aide and Communications Director, Sen. Robb
• Ridge Schuyler – Legislative Director, Sen. Robb
• Peggy Wilhide – Press Secretary and Communications Director, Sen. Robb
• Julia Sutherland – Gov. Robb Press office; Press Secretary, Robb for Senate ‘88; Press Secretary, Sen. Robb
• Rhett Walker – Deputy Campaign Manager, Robb for Senate ‘94
• John DiBiase – Advance Director, Robb for Senate ‘94
• Bryson Monteleone – Assistant to Campaign Manager, Robb for Senate, ‘94
• C.R. Suddith – Controller, Robb for Senate ‘88; Senate Aide, 89-90; Deputy Treasurer Robb for Senate ‘94
• Louise Ware – Campaign Staff, Gov. Robb; Campaign Staff, Sen. Robb

Other Notables:

• Chuck Dolan- Founder of Democratic Leadership Council & Pres. Clinton's campaign chief for Virginia
• Paul Hackett (D-Ohio) -former US Senate candidate

Thursday, June 01, 2006

More Media Irony

Today the Roanoke Times front page blames a sinking New Orleans for the levee breach during Katrina. Ironically, the Army Corps of Engineers were the ones to correct the story line. Even as the Times was into excuse-making mode, the Army Corps stepped up to the plate and accepted the responsibility for levee failures. Hear. Hear. Read about it here. Note the dateline for this story (in the html code) was actually yesterday.