Friday, August 29, 2008

Barack Obama's Transcendent Speech

There aren't enough superlatives. Barack Obama nailed it. Hear the speech for yourselves.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kathy's Interim Convention Speech and Election Coverage Report Card

[Updates slightly from original post.]
Just for fun, I thought I'd grade some of the speeches thus far. Here goes.

Michelle Obama: A (Simply awesome.)

Hillary Clinton B+ (Would have been at least an A had the first 3/4 been as good as the last five minutes). The last few minutes rocked. But overall Clinton used her characteristically plodding, slow speaking style. That super-slow pace essentially speaks down to us. It feels like we are being lectured. And we can grasp fast talk with more content!)

Mark Warner C- (He was trying too hard to speak to Independents and moderate Republicans and forgot who his audience was. The keynote is supposed to energize the convention, and so Warner wasn't the best pick. He isn't a motivational speaker. He gave as good a speech as he's ever given. But his usual is worse than ordinary. And he is the "wooden" they must have been thinking of when they said Al Gore was "wooden.") Very flat. Zero motivation value. He may have been a reasonably good governor. But a speaker he's not.

Brian Schweitzer: C- (Cocky, condescending, slow.)

Also, just for (not too much) fun, I'll grade MSNBC and CNN for convention coverage:

F- and F, respectively. Every time I look at either station (often throughout the day), they are interviewing a Republican. Whose convention is it anyway? They two stations have been fomenting controversy, focusing on a few dozen rowdy spectators outside their booth, and giving us their tired prattle instead of the actual speeches on the floor. I am so sick of it, I have watched on CSPAN. Just because the GOP lie patrol showed up to crash the Dems party doesn't mean you have to give them a voice. Imagine if the Dems did the same. They'd be trashed by every single station and not given a voice through interviews. And Dick Wadhams as "Minister of Truth"? Oh, puleeze...The media is so unbelievably the GOP lapdog information society that it has lost all credibility.

Tim Kaine's Eyebrow Does The Daily Show

[H/t to RK.]

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

John McCain's Revisionism

John McCain has been working to make both the so-called "surge" and the ongoing presence in Iraq the Holy Grail of foreign policy. That's because he doesn't know squat about foreign policy. His rote strategy is to send troops; send more troops; deploy lethal force, even when lethal force isn't required by the situation; and then keep doing it indefinitely. Spend lots of money, enriching GOP-friendly contractors. Bankrupt government so he can drown it in a bathtub. And then claim that because he was a POW no one can call him on it, or any other terrible thing he says, does, or proposes.

But so flawed is John McCain's thinking that even General Petraeus, the vaunted high priest in Iraq, indeed the one McCain claims no one may contradict, disagrees with McCain himself. You can see why McCain tries to set himself up as unquestionable. The man simply can't stand up under the scrutiny.

Read about it here. Indeed Petraus says exactly what Barack Obama has said--that the decrease in violence happened for a number of reasons, including the "Sunni Awakening."

For the record, the so-called awakening is buzzword for being paid to stand down. We paid them for their nonviolence! As in welfare! Imagine the reaction if anyone dared suggest that we pay people in the US to not commit crimes! I am definitely not advocation such a policy. But it is worth considering exactly how outrageous is the position our leaders have boxed us into.

But more than that. It's outrageous that John McCain has the gall to scold Barack Obama, who has been right about the war all along. We shouldn't have ever gone there and most Americans know it. His exit timetable has now been mimicked (albeit with another name--goal) by the Bush administration. However, note the suspicious timing, in time to score election points with voters fed up with the endless war.

Another point of McCain contentiousness (and he is, if anything, contentious) is that redeployment would be "wrong," tantamount to surrender, and lacking consideration of conditions on the ground. But Obama has always included the caveat that our redeployment of troops had to be made in light of conditions on the ground. That's precisely what Petraeus has said, and the Bush administration as well. Of course, they'll give no credit to Obama for having been right. They'll just shamelessly imitate, and continue to scold him for being supposedly "wrong." Oh, yeh, and they'll shamelessly impugn his character and, especially, his patriotism. These guys have got nothing. So they dip into the stench well of stinking, dirty lies.

As for McCain, the man no longer knows the meaning of the truth; protecting our country, or the troops; or the integrity needed to run an honest campaign. Much more on his scurrilous, defamatory ad campaign shortly...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olbermann Message to John McCain: "Grow Up!"

John McCain may be coming up on 72, may be clouded in his thinking, confused in his grasp of foreign policy, and befuddled while answering questions, but he hasn't grown up.

Here's Keith Olbermann's "Special Comment."

Monday, August 18, 2008

Phil and Wendy Whiner (I Mean Gramm) Are Back At It

Pretend President McCain was only pretending that he let pretend economic and energy fixer, Phil Gramm, go from his inner circle. Here were the scandal-ridden duo (Enron and more), Phil and Wendy Grammm, at the ready to demolish an economy near you.

All McCain's Mansions

While John McCain's former campaign co-chair complained that America is a nation of whiners, John McCain live the high life: mansions, private jet, high-priced (more than $500 hundred dollar a pair) designer shoes. Take a look. BTW, Phil Gramm is back.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Behind the Smears Against Barack Obama

Check this out:

Even Rick Davis Admits that Mc=W3

Sunday, August 10, 2008

McCain New Attack Ad Lies

Here are two refutations of the contemptible lies in the newest ad. First, here's a Newsweek article by And then there's this from the Obama campaign:

Friday, August 08, 2008

McCain's Fog

Rad-Cons Go After U.S. Rep. Wexler, American Hero

Someone has to stand up for our Constitution and rule of law. Funny how all the "law-and-order" folks aren't so big on law-and-order now.

Here's a message from Robert Wexler:

Dear ______,

I need your help:

My strong and vocal stands in favor of impeaching President Bush and Vice President Cheney have made me a target. I am now under siege by the right wing, who are working hard to defeat me and silence the causes that we believe in.

In the eyes of the right wing, I am seen, along with Rep. Kucinich, as one of the symbols of the impeachment fight. They believe that if they defeat me – they defeat our cause.

For the last week, I’ve been relentlessly targeted by ultra-conservative radio and television hosts, as well as my local media. It has taken a toll. Now more than ever, I need your support to help me stay in Congress to represent your voice in Washington.

Please click here to donate to my re-election campaign.

I am pleased to report that just this week we have made real progress in our fight for accountability for this rogue Administration. Just yesterday a federal court ruled against President Bush's bogus executive privilege claims and ordered Harriet Miers and Josh Bolten to testify. In addition, this week the Judiciary Committee voted to hold Karl Rove in contempt for his refusal to testify.

I will make you this promise: No matter who criticizes me, I will continue to aggressively push for genuine accountability for this White House – including inherent contempt for Karl Rove, Josh Bolten, Harriet Miers and all of the renegade Bush officials if they do not immediately cooperate.

With your contribution today (click here) you can ensure that I will return to Congress and never back down from the causes in which we believe.

I have been one of the few lonely voices in Congress to demand accountability and now I am paying a price. The truth is I would rather lose my election than back down. But we will win if we stand together, and your contribution today will send a strong message to the right wing that our movement will not be intimidated.

Click here to donate and help me send a message to the right wing.

It’s no coincidence that these attacks are increasing as I continue my outspoken stances, and Election Day approaches.

Right now, I am facing my most difficult re-election ever. While I rely on people like you to support my campaign – both of my wealthy opponents are spending their own personal money to fund their campaigns. One opponent has promised to spend a million dollars to defeat me. Another opponent has ridiculed my stance on impeachment and called for me to be impeached and removed from office.

I need your help: please click here to donate today.

From the beginning of my work on impeachment, I have been dipping into my re-election fund to help pay the significant costs of what has been a national campaign to promote impeachment. Some of you have previously donated to help keep this outreach alive, and for that, I’m thankful. I will continue to promote this cause using my campaign resources.

Now, the right wing is fueling the campaigns against me: Newspapers are reporting that my Republican opponent is seeing a major spike in contributions. We must match his supporters dollar for dollar.

If you're in a position to contribute, please help us win this race (click here to donate).

If not, but you know someone who might want to, please spread the word by forwarding this email and posting it on blogs.

Every two years, Americans get to decide who represents them. Whether I'm your representative or not, I hope you know I will continue to fight to protect our Constitution.

Regardless of whether you can support me financially at this time or not, please know that I have been inspired by your hard work, words of encouragement, and unflagging commitment for our shared causes.

Your friend,

Congressman Robert Wexler


P.S. If you prefer to donate via mail, please send a check to:

Wexler For Congress Campaign
2500 North Military Trail
Suite 251
Boca Raton, FL 33431

P.P.S.: If you spend a minute watching this short video on the outspoken stands I have taken, you will see why the right wing wants to defeat me. (If it does not show below, you may view it at

Thursday, August 07, 2008

McCain Cannot Be Trusted: Video Rendering of the Many McCain Reversals, Flip Flops and Deceptions

This video from Keith Olbermann's Countdown needs re-airing. While the media collectively use the McCain frame and the McCain trivialization and mockery against our candidate, the record shows, McCain needs much closer scrutiny. His supposed "record" isn't what it seems.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

John McCain's Recipe for a Police State

Steve Benen at Thecarpetbagger report has an excellent article up here

Essentailly, Benen asserts, "if you've got a problem, John McCain's got a surge" for you. McCain now thinks that since he knows so much about how to "win wars," that he can apply it to everything else. For example,

ABC News’ David Wright reports: Answering a question at the Urban League about his approach to combating crime, John McCain suggested that military strategies currently employed by US troops in Iraq could be applied to high crime neighborhoods here in the US.

Yeh, that's just what we need back hone. Not that it was needed in Iraq either. They didn't have WMD,. remember. Iraq hadn't really threatened us, remember. That's little comfort concerning the US legacy in Iraq. But imagine bringing house-to-house combat to a neighborhood near you. Barricade the doors. John McCain is coming!