Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Enjoyable Read

Here's a good read from

The Nation has compiled a Dictionary of Republicanisms. The definitions were compiled by contributers all over the US (from nearly every state) and beyond. The Book of the same name is out in paper.

Here are a few examples summarized by Katrina Vanden Heuvel in the Dec. 12th issue.

Creationism. n. Psuedoscience that claims George W. Bush's resemblance to a chimp is totally coincidental (Brain Sweeney, Providence, RI).

Class warfare. n. Any attempt to raise the minimum wage (Don Zweir, grayslake, Ill).

Ownership society. n. A civilization where 1 percent of the population owns 90% of the wealth (Michael Albert, Piscataway, NJ).

Patriot Act. n. 1. The preemptive strike on American freedoms to prevent terrorists from destroying them first. 2. The elimination of one of the reasons why they hate us (Michael Thomas Socorro, NM).

Feel free to write your own contributions to how the GOP redefines the universe in the comment section of this post.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


I'll have more reflections on this past election another day. For now, I'd like to discuss the appeal for a post-election pledge by blogger Waldo Jaquith. Jaquith said:

Tuesday night, election gods willing, we'll get the results of the day's votes in Virginia's races. Here are my personal rules of conduct pertaining to those results: Gloating is acceptable, but only for a few days, and the less the better.
A margin of less than 10 points is neither a "mandate" nor a "landslide."
The expiry of the gloating period coincides with polite, respectful treatment towards the winners of the opposite party as is befitting their office. Were Jerry Kilgore to win the governor's seat, I would call him "Governor Kilgore" once sworn in, not "Governor Killmore," "Jerry Boy," or "Spanky the Banana Boy." Given a non-landslide margin, the winning candidate did not do everything right; the a losing candidate did not do everything wrong. Their campaigns must not be described in such terms. I may add more rules to this as I mull them over. The Virginia political blogosphere will be a happier place this week if others consider behaving similarly.

First, I didn't take Waldo's pledge. However, given that Jerry Kilgore gave a gracious concession speech and that Bob McDonnell was a gentleman about the recount, I will give the benefit of the doubt to both of them, for now. For now, though I may discuss Democrats' response to Jerry Kilgore's campaign in all it's Scott-Howellian glory, I'll focus mostly on what Democrats did well or ineffectively to rebut the attacks from the other side. However misguided many of us believe they are,Kilgore and his supporters spent considerable time and effort. And I don't wish to "kick him while he's down." So, though I'm still smarting a bit from the awful ads and divisive tactics these two used, it's "bygones."

McDonnell's election night statement, that Creigh Deeds has a right to ask for a recount, is a refreshing departure from the rancorous, bully tactics following another famous recount. And calls for "finality," the law be damned, in a national election didn't serve our nation then and wouldn't serve our Commonwealth now. I will follow the recount and the election complaints filed in this race, however. If the recount shows that Deeds lost, my hope is that McDonnell does his job with all Virginians in mind. And if he does, I will salute him. If not, Virginians must speak out. I believe that it's a duty of citizens to reflect on whether or not our leapublic in the public's best interest.

Regarding, Bill Boling's "shot across the bow" to Tim Kaine in Boling's victory remarks, I have not so much benefit of the doubt stored up. For now, though, I'll keep my own counsel.

I pledge not to verbally attack individual citizens or bloggers. I don't believe that's the right thing to do. So, I won't criticize them, "analyze" them, ridicule them, or nitpick them, as some of them do to me. I also expect that civil comments to this blog. I respect other citizens right to differ. When I write about the actions of GOP, I refer to GOP party leaders, statewide (General Assembly, AG, LG), Congress, the Bush Administration, and pundits. I do not speak of rank-and-file voters who call themselves Republican, but only of those officials who, by their policies, directly affect our daily lives.

Elected officials (whether state or federal,) who are not good stewards of our nation's resources or Constitutionally-driven purpose, are fair game, though I realize this is most assuredly not a game. In a real sense, governing is just too important to take lightly. This is not to say, humor has no place. Where would we all be without it?

And sometimes, when discussing statewide or national issues, I'll be hard-hitting, in a figurative sense, only. So, even as ubiquitous eividence of administration lies emerges, I'll discuss that evidence. I'll discuss what the evidence shows about "what they knew" and "when they knew it" about false WMD claims and other fictions. On other matters, I'll discuss and rebut the Bush administration, GOP Senators, Congresspersons and talking heads, especially those trying to limit free speech and civil liberties of Americans. Sometimes I'll discuss long-term Democratic strategy, reactions to Republican moves, and even Democratic blunders and miscalculations. But whatever the miscalculations, I believe strongly that the Democratic Party is most clearly focused on the issues that affect me, and most of my fellow citizens. And I'll say that too.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, there was something for almost everyone in the election results. For now, we'll all move forward. The best to all of you. We are all in this together. And except for those going AWOL and abandoning the system, you all (whether Democrat, Independent, or Republican) care deeply about our country as I do. It's hard to argue with that. PS My campaign signs and decals are already down. :-) Peace.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Sixty Papers Endorse Kaine

Alexandria Gazette Packet
Alexandria Metro Herald
Alexandria Times
Annandale Times
Arlington Connection
Bristol Herald-Courier
Bluefield Telegraph
Burke Connection
Burke Times
Centre View
Centreville Times
Chantilly Times
Clarke Times-Courier
Clinch Valley News
Crewe-Burkeville Journal
Fairfax Connection
Fairfax Station Connection
Fairfax Station Times
Fairfax Times
Falls Church News Press
Farmville Herald
Fauquier Times Democrat
Gainesville Times
George Mason University Broadside
Gloucester-Mathews Gazette-Journal
Great Falls Connection
Great Falls Times
Hampton Roads Daily Press
Hampton Roads Voice
Herndon Connection
Herndon Times
Laurel Hill Connection
Loudoun Connection
Loudoun Friday Times
Loudoun Times-Mirror
Manassas Journal-Messenger
McLean Connection
McLean Times
Mount Vernon Gazette
Northumberland Echo
Potomac Almanac
Potomac News
Rappahannock News
Reston Connection
Reston Times
Richlands News Press
Richmond Free Press
Richmond Voice
Roanoke Times
Rockbridge Weekly
Springfield Connection
Springfield Times
Staunton Daily News Leader
Suffolk News Herald
University of Virginia Cavalier Daily
Veterans’ Vision
Vienna/Oakton Connection
Virginian Pilot
Washington Post
Williamsburg Virginia Gazette
Wytheville Enterprise

GOP Candidates for Statewide Virginia Offices Should Be Ashamed.

Revised Version. Here are Democrats with the most qualified candidates for statewide office, candidates who'll track centrist and balance the competing interests of Virginians of all persuasions. They'll continue the positive direction of Mark Warner, who by the way gets 75% approval ratings. The Democratic team is led by a wonderful individual, a model for all. He knows selfless devotion to community, to the poor. He measures success by the difference he makes in other's lives. He's fought for civil rights, which all Virginians should applaud. He believes in the Constitution. He and Mark Warner have shown their business-sense. They've engaged economic development to the benefit of Virginians across the state. They've run a positive campaign. (PS it's not negative to defend one's record from guys makin' stuff up.) But here we are, with a fantastical tale being spun by the other side. If ads were to be believed, the Kilgore-Scott-Howell machine has turned night into day and day into night.

Meanwhile, the no-plan empty-headed Republican candidates can only say they are from here (as Kilgore has in his newest SW Virginia ad). Jerry thinks that half of Virginia will vote for him just because he's from this side of the state. But supporting Jerry Kilgore would simply mean voters are rubber stamping the same irresponsible dunderhead policies that have broken this country. George W. Bush appears with Jerry tonight and it couldn't be more fitting. Bush is the President of Broken: Broken presidency; broken White House; broken health care system; broken promises on education; broken foreign policy; broken security; broken economy; broken jobs--forever off-shored; broken Homeland Security; broken priorities; broken ethics; and broken civility.

Jerry thinks Virginians will vote against their own best interests by voting for him. Jerry Kilgore will cut taxes, but promises new programs, conveniently only superficially "planned." He won't need complex plans 'cause the "plans" will never be funded. He'll hand an empty treasury and deficits to Virginians in unfunded decaying infrastructure, but would have us believe he can "improve" health care. He can give a pass to King Pharmaceuticals, which bilked Medicare and, most likely bilked Virginia's Medicaid program. Jerry doesn't mind projects like Star Solutions' plans for toll roads on the I81 or the Coalfield Expressway (ie a new tax just to drive). You've gotta give Jerry his due in the subterfuge department. He falsely claims Tim Kaine will raise gas taxes, but he's got his own driver's tax gift-wrapped for us. And it doesn't bother him that he was a lobbyist for KBR, parent company to Star Solutions. Most folks would think this means conflict of interest. All the same Halliburton subsidiaries coming soon to bilk people near you.

Additionally, Jerry Kilgore makes stuff up. His ads repeatedly lie about Tim Kaine's record. He claims Tim Kaine enables and permits illegal immigration. This is particularly amazing when it was Warner-Kaine who cleaned up the nightmare driver's license program which permitted some of the 9-11 hijackers to obtain licenses. What Allen-Gilmore wrought, they blame Tim Kaine for. And he doesn't get that immigration law is federal. State police can cooperate with the federal government, and should. The biggest irony is that KBR, the firm Jerry lobbied for, hired illegal immigrants. However, any quibble with immigration law Kilgore should take up with George W. Bush. Jerry knows this is true, but wants to fan the flames of anti-immigration sentiment. Tim Kaine believes in enforcing the law. Too bad Jerry doesn't, not on behalf of King, Republican wiretappers, or environmental polluters.

Jerry and his clones for the LG and AG races use the now-meaningless tag "liberal" (it's certainly meaningless when anyone to the left of George W. Bush or Dick Cheney is called "liberal." Leslie Byrne wants to limit outsourcing of American jobs. But that's too "liberal" for the anti-worker Kilgore, Boling, and McDonnell campaigns. It's "too liberal" to get trucks to cover their loads so we aren't hurt by falling debris from trucks. Good roads are "too liberal." Funding for children's health is "too liberal." Providing necessary services is "too liberal." Allowing the uninsured to buy into the state health insurance program is "too liberal." And real support (as opposed to imaginary support) for public education is "too liberal." Seems to me there's so much good in the things Kilgore and his clones oppose that it must be a good thing to be "liberal." Here is a guy, Bill Boling, whose one claim to fame is his association with an evildoer among insurance companies. (Two of its execs are in prison.) Yes, and Bill has helped pass deregulation of insurance companies so they can refuse medical claims more easily. If it's "liberal" to think that denying health care obligations is downright evil, then bring the "liberal" label on. Leslie Byrne is about looking out for Virginians, not special interests. If it's "liberal" to be the nation's consumer advocate, then bring it on. She's got a resume to be proud of. She's the most qualified, best candidate for Lt. Governor in Virginia in decades. And we'd be lucky to have someone who has dedicated her life to serve Virginians.

In the AG race, we have a man running with about $1,000,000 in masked contributions. The Washington Post has chronicled the complex web of transactions involving McDonnell's campaign manager and former campaign manager, among others. Now Bob claims bloggers are engaged in "conspiracy" if we prefer someone who actually believes in the Constitution and the law (HINT: It's not Taliban Bob).

That's pretty funny because bloggers, by definition, are pretty independent. We want to say what we think. And we spend a fair amount of time doing it. This sometimes doesn't sit well with the party closest to our own leanings. In short, they not only don't control us, but couldn't if they tried. Meanwhile, the Democratic candidate is one who actually has worked to prevent child abuse and other crimes against children. He wrote Meagan's Law and the Amber alert program for Virginia. But what McDonnell is really afraid of is that Creigh Deeds won't give a pass to environmental polluters, insurance companies, or others who break state laws. Creigh Deeds has actually done something about law enforcement for the benefit of all Virginians. So, Bob misrepresents Creigh's record instead.

It's a good thing this election cycle is coming to an end. There are only so many lying Republicans, vicious attack ads, or malicious robo-calls a person can stand. It's been a watershed year for the muck-rakers and fabricators. Jerry, Bill and Bob: You ought to be ashamed. And you owe the voters of Virginia an apology. I don't think we'll be getting one, though. For Bush, Dick, Jerry, Taliban Bob and Bill, their contempt for citizens means never having to say you're sorry.


Friday, November 04, 2005

Rove-Cheney Watch

Tune into Fitz's Website.

Over at Raising Kaine...

Raising Kaine points out that, when it comes to newspaper endorsements, it's Kaine 30, Kilgore 4.

AG Race Heats Up Amid Growing Complications in McDonnell's Resume

The Washington Post reported Nov. 2nd (Read it here) on an investigative effort to untangle the apparent linkages between McDonnell and the Abramoff money machine.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Creigh Deeds Record Disproves Malicious Mc Donnell Ads

Contrary to assertions in Bob McDonnnell's deceptive ads, Creigh Deeds wrote Megan’s Law to keep our families safe from sexual predators, and he introduced the Amber Alert Program to give communities a new tool to track and find missing children. As a prosecutor, every child sex offender that came before him was convicted and sentenced to prison time.

During this campaign he’s put forth substantive policy proposals for keeping Virginia safe from sex offenders. For example, his commonsense plan to keep sex offenders off the street while children are out trick-or-treating on Halloween.

You can read more about his detailed security agenda at

Another Duh! Moment for the Kilgore Campaign: Hypocrisy 101

All you ever needed you should have learned in kindergarten? Seems Jerry hasn't learned that stuff either. But he has learned more than his share of Political Hypocrisy 101.

Jerry, former lobbyist for Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR), rants about illegal immigration, even blames Tim Kaine for what's a federal problem (i.e., Bush's fault). Meanwhile, we find that Kilgore once worked for this company, which relies on illegals. Kilgore wants to intervene in a local decision to allocate a specific place for day laborers to congregate and get hired for a day's work. But shutting down such sites discriminates against those citizens and legal immigrants who rely on such day-work opportunities.

KBR subsidiary, Star Solutions, wants to bring tolls and truck lanes to I81 and the Coalfield Expressway). But Jerry says he's for lower taxes. He just means for someone else, not us. Tolls are a taxes. If Jerry and Star Solutions have their way, we'll pay to drive the 81. But that's what gas taxes are for. It's a pity Kilgore mentor, Jim Gilmore used the transportation fund for other stuff.

Kill-More rants about wanting to jack up death row executions, as if that will make us more safe (it's not true, but that's OK with Jerry). Yep. Jerry will make us proud as we try to take away the Texas designation as No. 1 US executioner (as one of my Republican cohorts in the blogosphere said, "that would be sarcasm.")

So, given Jerry's supposed law-and-order mantra, you'd think that he would care about fully funding police departments. Guess again. And you'd think when he was Director of Public Safety, he actually did his job. You'd be wrong. Jerry presided over a 300% increase in state prison breaks during that period.

Kilgore pretends he'll keep us safe and then gives national lawbreaker, King Pharmaceuticals, already paying huge fines for bilking Medicare, a free pass by the AG office. We got no investigation of whether any Medicaid monies were due to the taxpayers of Virginia by King. It just happens that King execs gave over $600,000 to Kilgore (WDBJ7 reports the sum is actually over a million dollars). Health care IS oten a matter a life and death. But Kilgore doesn't care if his buddies squander health care funds at the expense of Virginia citizens and taxpayers.

And as for the possible Abramoff connection reported over at, my, my, my...

Here's what Jerry should have learned instead of complete hypocrisy: First, don't try to have a pissing contest on the matter of who's the better man of faith. In general, it's not a good thing to do. But specifically, you just might have been severely outclassed in the spiritual arena. Second, never claim lawyers aren't fit to be governor (Duh). You rule yourself out. Third, never, ever claim you have the superior attitude about criminal justice ... when you don't even believe a person has a right to a defense! Those supporting the law are supposed to want the right person behind bars.

Fourth, don't claim to have protected Virginians when you allowed illegal dumping by Marvin Bush's company. National Waste Services of Virginia (formerly Tellurian, Inc.), is owned by Winston Partners, co-founded by Marvin Bush. Kilgore failed to do anything about the company's illegal dumping of out of state trash (see article posted to this blog earlier today) until Tim Kaine blew the whistle on Kilgore. Then Kilgore delayed --long enough to allow Marvin Bush's company to declare bankruptcy. Virginia taxpayers got the shaft and the bill.

Fifth, don't claim to be the party of sound fiscal practices and low, low taxes when you won't keep your commitments or pay the bills. It's the same old ploy: GOP tax-cut, borrow and spend like there's no tomorrow. Then leave us holding the credit card debt. Guys like Gilmore and Kilgore (ever notice they rhyme!) leave the ugly job of patching up their sorry-ass messes to our side. Then they claim their trashing of the government is our fault. We didn't even vote for the rascals. Even many members of the GOP will admit that spendthrift ways of Bush are not smart. Now Jerry wants to unleash on Virginia what Bush and Jim Gilmore have wrought. Next?

Sixth, don't say "I trust the people" when the opposite is true. Jerry's claim that he does is really just a ploy to escape economic accountability. And his passing the buck (via budget referrenda) on governance is just one more rip-off. The governor must do his job, not collect his salary and then make us do the work. His plan for referrenda on any proposed tax increase is a recipe for disaster should emergencies strike. If Jerry Kilgore really "trusted the people," he wouldn't support big government intrusion into our daily lives.

Finally, never have George (shove-their-"teeth-down-their- whiny-throats") Allen speak on your behalf in an ad about "character." It's one thing to have a difference of opinion with one's cohorts on the other side. It's quite another to provoke such extreme hostility as to promote physical violence against one's opponents. Allen's statement showed just what kind of a politician he really is. This state and nation don't need any more bullies. When GOP candidates disavow such violent talk and distance themselves from it, then they'll have grounds to talk to the rest of us about "character." (More on the "character" mantra in a blog piece forthcoming.) Suffice it to say for now, treating your neighbor, including those you disagree with, with respect is the starting point. Suffice it to say, Kilgore may know hypocrisy, but he definitely has much to learn about everything else.

Simply Unparalleled: It's Leslie Byrne for LG

I've been reading the Washington Post since 1989, when my daughter first moved to the NOVA area. And when there, we'd all pour over newspapers. I was often second, third or fourth in line for the front section, so I sopped up the Metro. And an interesting thing happened. I got my introduction to Leslie Byrne through newsprint. This was especially true during the years we were able to get home delivery of the Post here Blacksburg. (First one braving the cold for the newspaper gets the A Section. I never liked the cold all that much.) However, it was clear to anyone following the local news, that Leslie Byrne was and is an amazing woman.

Leslie Byrne is quite simply, one of the most qualified candidates ever to run for Lt. Governor in Virginia. For example, she's: Worked in her community as president of both the PTA and League of Women Voters; built a business; presided over a human resources consulting firm for high-tech companies; served in local government; been elected to four terms in the Virginia House of Delegates; served in the US Congress and the Virginia Senate (until the Republicans, afraid of her talent and her strength, gerrymandered her out of office)

Her accomplishments are considerable. When Leslie Byrne served in the US House of Representatives, she was so highly regarded that she was elected the freshman caucus whip. She passed more legislation that any other newly elected representative. She blazed trails for women. And wanting to share what she's learned, she co-founded Voices for Women. I'm proud of her confident defense of democratic values. However, she also works well across the aisle.

--While in Congress, she helped prevent cuts in federal wages and benefits and cuts to programs for seniors.
--And she introduced and passed bills in support of children's health and immunization.
--She fought to improve oversight of the 1.7 million miles of natural gas and petroleum pipelines.
--She also led on legislation enabling IRA holders to use savings for buying a home or paying for college.
--In Virginia, she passed legislation to require that trucks cover their loads.

Today, she proposes commonsense solutions to our state's problems and works constructively to move Virginia forward. She intends to help Tim Kaine bring Virginians: Universal health care, which can save the taxpayers, citizens, small businesses, and the already-insured in the Virginia employee system.

She'll work toward full funding of education. She'll work to end the off-shoring of Virginia jobs. She'll assure civl liberties are protected. She'll work with Tim's toward enforcement of our state's environmental laws (hopefully with an AG --Creigh Deeds--who will keep illegal dumping from Virginia). She'll continue Mark Warner's legacy of mainting, and even improving, a healthy business climate. She'll support improved multi-modal transportation, including more use of rail. Leslie Byrne will fight to protection of reproductive freedom and personal privacy. And she'll provide pivotal, tie-breaking votes, when needed, in the state Senate. The TLC team (Tim, Leslie, Creigh) will bring a government that fairly balances competing interests.

Leslie Byrne is as affable as she is smart, as imaginative as she is practical and, most of all, a leader who listens. She'll always remember she represents us. Leslie Bryne is simply the most courageous candidate for statewide office anywhere. She steps into big shoes, which she is more than prepared to fill. If you hear her speak, as I have several times, you will see that Leslie Byrne is not only the better choice, but an outstanding choice for LG Nov. 8th. And I am so proud that Leslie Byrne is running for Lt. Governor of Virginia.

Check it out for yourself at her website. Or go hear her this Saturday at the Montgomery County Government Center 9:30 AM.

Some Reasons Why I Will Vote for Tim Kaine

There are many reasons why I'll vote for Tim Kaine, but here are just a few. Tim Kaine:

--Measures his success in the difference he makes in others' lives.
--Worked with Mark Warner to undo the reckless fiscal strategies of Allen and Gilmore.
--Helped Gov. Mark Warner earn the designation of "Best Managed State" in America from Governing Magazine.
--Demonstrated he knows how to govern.
--Focuses on others, not himself.
--Walks the walk on civil rights, doesn't just talk about it.
--Practiced law in support of the underdog.
--A pioneer in civil rights law, he trail-blazed fair housing law, winning a nationally historic settlement in a redlining case.
--Supports the Constitution, both state and federal and will uphold the laws of Virginia.
--As a missionary, worked to improve the living conditions of a poor community in Honduras.
--Respects his constituents.
--Listens to and hears his constituents.
--Says what he thinks, but has the diplomatic skills to represent us and advocate for us.
--Answers constituent questions candidly, and in sufficient detail to answer the question.
--Says what he means without empty rhetoric, such as "Culture of Opportunity," or "I trust the people," which cheap slogans masking a buck-passing, responsibility shirking opponent.
--Will responsibly manage Virginia's finances.
--Won't go on the equivalent of a "credit card" spree.
--Believes in a rainy day fund, so if disaster happens, as in Louisiana and Mississippi, we are not left helpless by tax cutting fanatics and deficit spenders.
--Earned experience governing in the localities where decisions have an impact. So he understands how what's passed in Richmond doesn't happen in a vacuum.
--Proposes to responsibly fund k-12 and college instead of shortchanging the education of our children. Tim's proposals for education, unlike the empty promises of Kilgore, will have the funding to support them.
--Won't scapegoat teachers and college professors by heaping the primary burden of any tax cuts on education (as Gilmore did and Jerry Kilgore will).
--Won't criminalize women or their doctors. Jerry's come out with contradictory statements on whether he'd criminalize women and doctors.
--Will protect the environment recover from the neglect of the Allen and Gilmore administrations.
--Will balance competing interests in the interest of all Virginians.
--Has a plan for how to cover the uninsured by enabling them to buy the same coverage state employees do. This will drive down current subscriber costs, uninsured costs, hospital costs for all currently insured who pick up the tab for the uninsured, and taxpayers because it's cheaper to prevent the need for some many Virginians to rely on the ER for health care).
--Supports a multi-modal transportation system.
--Won't pass the buck when tough decisions have to be made.

But don't take my word for it. Check out Tim's website ( or, where I have posted two articles about Kaine. See also my first blog entry at this bottom of this page for the inaugural article, "Democracy Upside Down." It's about why Jerry Kilgore would make, not just an ineffective, but also a terrible governor.

The Nexus of Out-of-State-Trash and Jerry Kilgore

In recent years, many Virginians have been concerned about the increases in imported trash from other states. Ever wonder who's (at least partly) responsible for the influx? Hint: He's the GOP candidate for governor, former AG, Jerry Kilgore. In its Oct. 20th, 2005 issue, Rolling Stone reports (this isn't available online, so I had to track down a hard copy of the article), that Jerry Kilgore turned a blind eye as Marvin Bush, younger brother of Pres. George W. Bush, tried to make Virginia the No. 1 depository of out-of-state garbage.

In 2001, the article reports, Marvin Bush co-founded Winston Partners, an investment firm. The company paid $12.3 million to buy Tellurian, Inc., created for the dumping trash in rural Paige County, VA. Inspectors were apparently told to stand down so as not to irritate Marvin. Meanwhile, Kilgore refused to enforce Virginia law as Marvin's renamed company, now called National Waste Services of Virginia (NHS), dumped as many as 6,500 tons of waste per day, while its permit allowed no more than 250 tons per day.

Every single day the firm exceeded its permit is a misdemeanor, punishable by a year in prison and $2,500. But Jerry would not enforce the law. In 2003, Tim Kaine blew the whistle on Kilgore's negligence, and less-than-half-hearted effort by the AG began. Kilgore, candidate for Virginia governor and the state chair of the campaign to reelect George W. Bush (2004), delayed and delayed.

The dump was finally ordered to shut down in March 2004, but not until Marvin's firm had declared bankruptcy and the taxpayers of Virginia were left holding the bag. The cost of cleanup ($8.5 million dollars). And the continued movement toward making Virginia the No. 1 depository of out-of-state-trash is not good news either.

It's one more reason why Jerry Kilgore can't be trusted with the governorship of Virginia. Jerry doesn't think of Virginians first. That's the least a governor should do.

Note:This story was referenced on the Daily Kos two weeks ago, but I wanted to see the article for myself before I wrote about it.